World Porridge Making Championship

The World Porridge Making Championship has been running since 1994, giving a main prize of the "Golden Spurtle" trophy and the title "World Porridge Making Champion" for the best traditional porridge made with only oatmeal, water and salt.[1] A prize is also awarded for the best "Speciality" porridge which again is made with oatmeal and contenders can add their own ingredients. The competition takes place at the village hall[2] in Carrbridge, in the Cairngorms National Park, Scotland.[3] and is run by volunteers on behalf of the Carrbridge Community Council. It has taken place alongside World Porridge Day since 2009.[3]

World Porridge Making Championship
The Golden Spurtle in 2016
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The organisers in 2023 were claiming entrants from twenty countries including the winner Adam Kiani representing Pakistan.[1]

Winners edit

Year Golden Spurtle Speciality Notes
1994 Florence Ritchie[4] Ian Cruickshank[4]
1995 Florence Ritchie[4] Norman Brockie[4]
1996 Duncan Hilditch[4] Duncan Hilditch[4]
1997 Cancelled[4] Cancelled[4]
1998 Scott Chance[4] Duncan Hilditch[4]
1999 Scott Chance[4] Helen Fraser[4]
2000 Duncan Hilditch[4] Jean Dewar[4]
2001 Duncan Hilditch[4] Jean Dewar[4]
2002 Jean Dewar[4] Duncan Hilditch[4]
2003 Jean Dewar[4] Duncan Hilditch[4]
2004 Duncan Hilditch[4] Lynn Benge[4]
2005 Lynn Benge[4] Lara Smitch[4]
2006 Coleen Hayward MacLeod[4] Addy Daggert[4]
2007 Maria Soep[4] Al Beaton[4]
2008 Ian Bishop[4][3] Addy Daggert[4]
2009 Mathew Cox[4][3][5] Anna Louise Batchelor[4][5] (also known as "Porridge Lady")[6]
2010 Neal Robertson[4] Catherine Caldwell[4]
2011 John Boa[4] Neal Robertson[4]
2012 Benedict Horsbrugh[4] Laurie Figone[4] A "People's Choice" award was also given, to John Boa.[4]
2013 John Boa[4][2] Nick Barnard[4][2]
2014 Izhar Khan[4] Chris Young and Christina Conte[4]
2015 Simon Rookyard[4] (PhD student at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics)[7] Thorbjorn Kristensen[4]
2016 Bob Moore[8] (Bob's Red Mill) Thorbjorn Kristensen[8]
2017 Ellinor Persson[9] Per Carlsson[9]
2018 Per Carlsson and Calle Myrsell (joint winners)[10] Chris Young[10] Junior winner: Lynn Munroe[10]
2019 Lisa Williams[11] Nick Barnard[12]
2020 Chris Young[13] Virtual competition due to Covid-19 pandemic[13]
2021 Miriam Groot[14] Virtual competition due to Covid-19 pandemic[14]
2022 Lisa Williams[11] Chris Young[11]
2023 Adam Kiani[1] Bobby Fisher[1]

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