World Bowls events

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These are the premier International Bowls Events between national bowls organisations affiliated to World Bowls, the PBA, World Bowls Tour and the IIBC.

World Outdoor Bowls ChampionshipsEdit

Organised by World Bowls. First held in 1966, the World Outdoor Bowls Championships for men and women are held every 4 years. From 2008 the men's and women's events are held together. Qualifying national bowls organisations (usually countries) are represented by a team of 5 players, who play once as a single and a four, then again as a pair and a triple. Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded in each of the 4 disciplines, and there is also a trophy for the best overall team — the Leonard Trophy for men and the Taylor Trophy for women.[1][2]

Commonwealth GamesEdit

Organised by the Commonwealth Games Federation. First held in 1930, the Commonwealth Games Bowls Championships for men and women are held every 4 years. Women's events were added from 1982. Four gold medals are competed for in the singles, pairs, triples and fours.

World Indoor Bowls ChampionshipsEdit

Organised by the PBA/World Bowls Tour. First held in 1979, the World Indoor Bowls Championships for men and women are held every year. There are currently five events, the open singles, the open pairs, the women's singles, the mixed pairs and open under-25 singles.[3][2] It is currently organised by the Professional Bowls Association and the World Bowls Tour and involves mainly Northern Hemisphere nations.

World Bowls Indoor ChampionshipEdit

Organised jointly by World Bowls and the IIBC. A new event starting in 2022 (a merger of the former World Cup Singles and IIBC championships. Rival competition to the PBA and WBT event listed above.

World Singles Champion of ChampionsEdit

Organised by World Bowls. A leading outdoor event held annually between the winners of the respective National Championships.

Pacific GamesEdit

Organised by Pacific Games Council. A leading outdoor event held every four years between the Pacific Islands nations as part of the Pacific Games.

Southeast Asian GamesEdit

Organised by Southeast Asian Games Federation. A leading outdoor event held every two years between the Southeast Asian nations as part of the Southeast Asian Games.

Asian Lawn Bowls ChampionshipEdit

Organised by World Bowls. A leading outdoor event held annually between the Asian nations.

European Bowls ChampionshipsEdit

Organised by Bowls Europe Ltd. A leading outdoor event held annually between European nations.

National ChampionshipsEdit

Other leading eventsEdit


Event Next edition Venue Dates
European Bowls Championships (outdoor) 2022   Ayr 9 – 14 July 2022
Commonwealth Games (outdoor) 2022   Birmingham 27 Jul – 7 Aug 2022
14th Asian Lawn Bowls Championship (outdoor) 2022   Xinxiang 23 Aug – 29 Aug 2022
Hong Kong International Bowls Classic (outdoor) 2022   Hong Kong 12 Nov – 20 Nov 2022
World Singles Champion of Champions (outdoor) 2022   Wellington 19 Nov – 26 Nov 2022
World Indoor Bowls Championships (indoor) 2023   Yarmouth Jan 2023
Southeast Asian Games (outdoor) 2023   Phnom Penh 5 – 16 May 2022
World Outdoor Bowls Championships (outdoor) 2023   Gold Coast, Queensland 29 Aug – 10 Sep 2023
World Bowls Indoor Championships (indoor) 2023   tba 2023


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