World Association of Belarusians

The World Association of Belarusians "Baćkaŭščyna" (Belarusian pronunciation: [ˈbatsʲkau̯ʂtʂɨna], lit. "Fatherland") (Belarusian: Згуртаваньне Беларусаў Сьвету "Бацькаўшчына") is an international organisation uniting people of Belarusian descent globally.[1] Currently 135 organisations of the Belarusian diaspora from 28 countries are members of Baćkaŭščyna.

5th World Congress of Belarusians in Minsk, 2009

The organisation was founded in 1990. Since that the organisation is promoting Belarusian culture in Belarus and abroad by publishing numerous books on Belarusian culture and the history of Belarusians abroad, organising conferences, including World Congresses of Belarusians every five years.

Current president of Baćkaŭščyna is Alena Makoŭskaja.[2] Head of Council is Nina Šydłoŭskaja.[3]


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