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Word of Mouth (Vin Garbutt album)

Word of Mouth is a 1999 folk music album by Vin Garbutt.

Word of Mouth
Studio album by Vin Garbutt
Released 1999
Genre Folk
Length 55:28
Label Home Roots Music
Vin Garbutt chronology
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(1998)When The Tide Turns Again1998
'''Word of Mouth'''
The Vin Garbutt Songbook Vol 1
(2003)The Vin Garbutt Songbook Vol 12003

Track listingEdit

  1. City of Angels
  2. Forty Thieves
  3. Dark Side of the Moon
  4. John You Have Gone
  5. Tunes: Wilfy Mannion's Jig/The Wild Irishman/Jamie's Christening
  6. Sarajevo
  7. The Truth is Irresistible
  8. Waits and Weeps
  9. Beyond the Pale
  10. The Beggar's Bridge
  11. Time and Tide
  12. The Troubles of Erin