Wonokromo is a district in Surabaya, Indonesia. The Wonokromo Railway Station serves the area. The Kalimas River originally turned north and empties into the Tanjung Perak and Kali Jagir, a manmade branch of the river that connects east to the sea and includes a dam built by the Dutch. The area is also home to DTC (Darmo Trade Center) formerly the Wonokromo Market.[2]


Kecamatan Wonokromo
Graha Bumiputera Wonokromo
Graha Bumiputera Wonokromo
Map of Wonokromo in Surabaya
Map of Wonokromo in Surabaya
Interactive map outlining Wonokromo
Coordinates: 7°18′01″S 112°44′15″E / 7.30032°S 112.737509°E / -7.30032; 112.737509Coordinates: 7°18′01″S 112°44′15″E / 7.30032°S 112.737509°E / -7.30032; 112.737509
Country Indonesia
ProvinceEast Java
 • Total8.47 km2 (3.27 sq mi)
 • Total198,613
 • Density23,000/km2 (61,000/sq mi)
Time zoneGMT +7

Administrative divisionsEdit

Wonokromo is divided into 6 administrative villages:

  • Ngagel
  • Ngagelrejo
  • Darmo
  • Sawunggaling
  • Wonokromo
  • Jagir



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