Women's Flat Track Derby Association Rankings

Rankings for the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) are used to determine placement in overall standings (rather than win-loss record) and also to determine seedings at WFTDA Playoffs. Achieving high rankings is also a goal for teams aiming to increase their stature in the organization.[1][2] Each year at the end of June, teams are seeded into Division 1 and Division 2 playoff tournaments. Historically, the top 40 teams in the WFTDA as of June 30 were eligible for Division 1 tournaments that season, and the teams ranked 41–60 were eligible for Division 2 tournaments.[3] For 2017, the Division 1 cutoff was reduced to the top 36 teams, with the next 16 teams qualifying for Division 2 Playoffs.[4] The 2017 WFTDA Championships winner, Victorian Roller Derby League from Melbourne, Australia, became the first non-American team to achieve the top rankings slot in WFTDA history.[5]

Ranking scores are calculated by averaging the number of game points a team earns in the last twelve months by the number of games played in the same time period. Game points are calculated using the following formula

where the Win/Loss Factor is three (the base value of a game) multiplied by percentage of points earned in the game and Opponent Strength is based on how far from the WFTDA-wide median score the opponent's score is. Minimum Opponent Strength for all teams is set to 0.5.[6]


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