Woden–Crystal Lake Community School District

Woden–Crystal Lake Community School District (W-CL) was a school district headquartered in Crystal Lake, Iowa.[1] It served Crystal Lake and Woden.

History edit

Circa 1992 the Woden–Crystal Lake district began sharing administrative services and employees with the Forest City Community School District.[2]

For much of its history, the Titonka Consolidated School District sent its students to the Woden–Crystal Lake–Titonka High School for senior high school,[3] while Titonka operated the joint junior high school, and both districts had their respective elementary schools, with Woden–Crystal Lake's elementary being in Woden. As a result of the agreement, schools were branded "Woden–Crystal Lake–Titonka Community School District" even though the two districts remained legally separate.[4] In 2011, Woden–Crystal Lake shifted its grade-sharing to the Forest City district, while Titonka switched its grade-sharing to the Algona district. Therefore, Woden–Crystal closed Woden–Crystal Lake–Titonka High School.[5] As a result, preschool through first grade remained at the Crystal City school while other grade levels were sent to Forest City.[6]

The leaderships of the Woden–Crystal Lake and Forest City districts prepared for an election which would merge the districts into one. 270 W-CL residents submitted a petition instead asking for the district to be dissolved and broken into pieces given to multiple surrounding districts.[2] Using a petition asking for a consolidation, Area Education Agency 267 approved the vote, with a preliminary election date of September 11, 2012.[7] On July 1, 2013, the Woden–Crystal Lake district consolidated into the Forest City district.[8]

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