Wisconsin State Curling Association

The Wisconsin State Curling Association (WSCA) is a regional association of the United States Curling Association (USCA). Founded in 1964, the WSCA has 28 member curling clubs across Wisconsin, facilitating communication between the clubs and the national USCA as well as organizing various annual state curling championships.

Wisconsin State Curling Association
Membership28 curling clubs
AffiliationUnited States Curling Association
Official website
United States


The original Wisconsin Curling Association was founded in 1908 with L.J. Tucker from Pardeeville as the first president.[1] Annual bonspiels were held throughout much of the first half of the 1900s.[2][3] In 1945 the Portage Curling Club, home of the Wisconsin Curling Association, burned down.[4] Later that year the Midwest Curling Association was created to organize clubs across Nebraska, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and North Dakota.[5] The Midwest Curling Association disbanded in 1964 and later that year the modern incarnation Wisconsin State Curling Association was founded to represent the clubs within that state.[6] Representatives from 27 curling clubs were at the meeting where the association was founded.[7]

Member clubsEdit

The association has 28 member clubs.[8]

Club name City/town Type Sheets Year founded
Alpine Curling Club[9] Monroe Dedicated 2 1960
Appleton Curling Club[10][11] Appleton Dedicated[10] 4[10] 1939
Arlington Curling Club[10][12] Arlington Dedicated[10][12] 3[10][12] abt 1935[12]
Blackhawk Curling Club[10][13] Janesville Dedicated[10] 3[10]
Centerville Curling Club[10][14] Trempealeau Dedicated[10][14] 4[10][14] 1948[14]
Clintonville Curling Club[10][15] Clintonville Dedicated[10] 2[10] 1948[15]
Eau Claire Curling Club[10][16] Eau Claire Dedicated[10] 4[10] 1876[16]
Green Bay Curling Club[10][17] Green Bay Dedicated[10][17] 3[10][17] 1958[17]
Kettle Moraine Curling Club[10][18] Hartland Dedicated[10][18] 5[10][18] 1962[18]
La Crosse Curling Club La Crosse Arena 5
Loch Wissota Curling Club[10] Eau Claire Outdoor 1
Lodi Curling Club[10][19] Lodi Dedicated[10][19] 2[10][19] 1880[19]
Madison Curling Club[10][20] McFarland Dedicated[10] 6[10] 1921[20]
Marshfield Curling Club, Inc.[10][21] Marshfield Dedicated[10] 3[10] 1976[21]
Medford Curling Club[10][22] Medford Dedicated[10] 4[10] 1914[22]
Milwaukee Curling Club[10][23] Cedarburg Dedicated[10] 5[10] 1845[23]
Pardeeville Curling Club[10][24] Pardeeville Dedicated[10] 2[10] 1875[24]
Portage Curling Club[10][25] Portage Dedicated[10][25] 4[10][25] 1850[25]
Poynette Curling Club[10][26] Poynette Dedicated[10] 2[10] 1875[26]
Racine Curling Club[10][27] Racine Dedicated[10][27] 2[10][27] 1954[27]
Rice Lake Curling Club[10][28] Rice Lake Dedicated[10] 4[10] 1967[28]
Stevens Point Curling Club[10][29] Stevens Point Dedicated[10] 4[10] 1959[10]
Superior Curling Club[30] Superior Dedicated[30] 4[30] 1893[30]
Tri-City Curling Club[10][31] Wisconsin Rapids Dedicated[10] 2[10] 1958[31]
Waukesha Curling Club[10] Waukesha Dedicated[10] 3[10]
Waupaca Curling Club[10][32] Waupaca Dedicated[10][32] 4[10][32] 1879[33]
Wausau Curling Club[10][34] Wausau Dedicated[10] 8[10] 1896[34]
Wauwatosa Curling Club[10][35] Wauwatosa Dedicated[10] 4[10] 1921[35]


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