Winfree Observatory

Winfree Observatory is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by Randolph College. Built in 1900 and named after Maj. C.V. Winfree, it is located in Lynchburg, Virginia (USA).

Winfree Observatory
OrganizationRandolph College
LocationLynchburg, Virginia, United States
Coordinates37°26′22.4″N 79°10′23.2″W / 37.439556°N 79.173111°W / 37.439556; -79.173111Coordinates: 37°26′22.4″N 79°10′23.2″W / 37.439556°N 79.173111°W / 37.439556; -79.173111
Winfree Observatory is located in the United States
Winfree Observatory
Location of Winfree Observatory

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