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Windsor (film)

Windsor is a 2018 American independent drama film written, directed and produced by Porter Farrell and starring Madelyn Deutch, Quinn Shephard, Nick Krause, Adam Hicks, Peyton Clark, Ian Colletti and Barry Corbin. The film is Farrell's directorial debut.[1]

Windsor (2017).png
Directed by Porter Farrell
Produced by Adam Dietrich
Suzanne Weinert
Written by Porter Farrell
Music by Andy R. Jordan
Cinematography Josh Pickering
Edited by Matt Brundige
Mark Hovland
Turnpike Pictures
Release date
  • January 2, 2018 (2018-01-02)
Running time
97 minutes
Country United States
Language English



In their last year of high school, six best friends prepare to leave their small, struggling hometown, a place caught in the slow, fine-grinding wheels of American big business that seem to leave no side doors.

Maisie, whose father is about to be released from prison, decides she can't leave the town where she has been embraced so lovingly since the dark day when her father nearly killed the man whose company foreclosed on their family farm. The town's patriarch, Gil Denton, a no nonsense, wealthy landowner dying from cancer, loves these six kids, and in his remaining time with them he serves as a sounding board, dependable guide, and sympathetic friend - while providing them a wistful link to a past they will never know.

Set in current time, the story shows that small town values are worth saving and that the mouse does indeed occasionally roar.



Farrell had written the part of Gil Denton specifically for Corbin to portray.[2][3] Early in development, Jake T. Austin was attached to the project.[4] The film was shot in Gainesville, Texas.[5]


The film won Best Narrative Feature at the Garden State Film Festival in New Jersey.[6][7]


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