Windle (sidecar)

Windle was an English sidecar manufacturer that built road racing sidecars. The company was founded by Terry Windle and provided both monocoque Formula 1 as well as tubular Formula 2 chassis for use from club level racing up to and including World Championship level.[1] With five world championship wins between 1977 with George O'Dell and 2002 with Steve Abbott, Terry decided to retire in 2009. The name was revived by D&D Sidecars but they only manufacture tubular Formula 2 sidecars.


Windle sidecars have won the following Sidecar World Championships:

  • 1977 George O'Dell/ Kenny Arthur/ Cliff Holland - Windle/Yamaha TZ 500
  • 1980 Jock Taylor/ Benga Johansson - Windle/Yamaha TZ 500
  • 1995 Darren Dixon/ Andy Hetherington - Windle ADM 500
  • 1996 Darren Dixon/ Andy Hetherington - Windle ADM 500
  • 2002 Steve Abbott/ Jamie Biggs - Windle/Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP


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