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Wimme Saari on stage in the park on Esplanadi during Night of the Arts in Helsinki in 2006.

Wimme Saari (also known as just Wimme, b. 1959, Kelottijärvi, Enontekiö) is one of the best known Sami yoikers from Finland. Wimme Saari combines traditional Sami singing with his own improvisations, usually to a techno-ambient accompaniment by members of Finnish electronic group RinneRadio. Wimme has also appeared on the albums of other bands or musicians, for instance Hedningarna, Nits or Hector Zazou.


Partial discographyEdit

Related Wimme RecordingsEdit

  • Nits – alankomaat (1998)
  • Hedningarna – Hippjokk (1997)
  • Hedningarna – Trä (1994)
  • RinneRadio – Joik Aani (1992)

Wimme recordingsEdit

  • Wimme (1995)
  • Gierran (1997)
  • Cugu (2000)
  • Bárru (2003)
  • Gapmu / Instinct (2003) – (entirely a cappella)
  • Mun (2009)

Also appears onEdit

  • Beginner's Guide to Scandinavia (3CD, Nascente 2011)

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