Wilton Taylor

Wilton Taylor (1869 – January 24, 1925) was an American stage and silent screen actor. He usually played gruff men of authority like wardens, judges or the police commissioner in Tod Browning's Outside the Law (1920). Of some other surviving silent he can be seen in Houdini's Terror Island (1920). Prior to entering films he spent some years on the stage and appeared as a police inspector in the original 1912 Broadway production of Within the Law starring Jane Cowl. Taylor died in January 1925.[1]

Wilton Taylor
Born1869 (1869)
DiedJanuary 24, 1925(1925-01-24) (aged 55–56)
Wilton Taylor, sneer on face, behind Agnes Ayres center-right in The Lane That Had No Turning 1922.

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