Willsmere railway station

Coordinates: 37°47′42″S 145°02′11″E / 37.79489°S 145.036525°E / -37.79489; 145.036525

Willsmere was a railway station on the Outer Circle, located in the suburb of Kew, Melbourne, Australia. The station was named after the estate of early Kew settlers H.S. and Thomas Wills. Willsmere was opened with the line in 1891, and closed with it in 1893, with 2 side platforms and a loop off the main line to the south. The station platforms and buildings were believed to have been removed around 1930.[1]

General information
Line(s)Outer Circle
Opened24 March 1891
Closed12 April 1893
Preceding station   Disused railways   Following station
APM Siding
towards Fairfield
  Outer Circle line   East Kew
towards Oakleigh
  List of closed railway stations in Melbourne  


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