William of Binning

William of Binning or William of Binin was a 13th-century Cistercian monk. His name indicates that he came from Binning, in Uphall parish, West Lothian, Scotland;[1] otherwise, his background is obscure. He emerges on 29 November 1243 when he is styled "Prior of Newbattle" (deputy Abbot of Newbattle) and elected to be Abbot of Coupar Angus.[2] According to Alexander Myln's 16th century Vitae Dunkeldensis ecclesiae episcoporum ("Lives of the Bishops of Dunkeld"), when William was at Newbattle Abbey he authored a vita (that is, a biography) of John the Scot (died 1203), successively Bishop of Dunkeld and Bishop of St Andrews.[1] The vita has failed to survive.[1] William resigned his position as Abbot of Coupar Angus on 29 September 1258.[2] He died at an unknown date afterwards.[3]


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