William de Courcy (died before 1130)

William de Courcy was an Anglo-Norman nobleman and baron.

William was the son of William de Courcy and his wife Emma de Falaise.[1] Through his mother, William inherited the barony of Stogursey in Somerset, as his mother was the sole heir of William de Falaise, the lord of Stogursey in Domesday Book.[2] William and Emma were also the parents of two other sons: Richard and Robert.[1]

William married Avice, the daughter and coheir of William Meschin,[1] and Cecily de Rumilly.[2] The marriage took place around 1125.[1]

William, along with his brother Robert, confirmed the gift of his father of the advowson of the church of Nuneham Courtenay in Oxfordshire to Abingdon Abbey.[3] This reconfirmation of his father's grant was recorded in the abbey's chronicle, the Historia Ecclesie Abbendonensis,[1] like the original grant had been. William then gave further lands to the abbey, including a meadow named "cow mead" and a pasture large enough for 300 sheep, 8 oxen and 10 cows.[3]

William died before 1130.[1] William's widow married William Paynel, son of Ralph Paynel.[4] His heir was his son William de Courcy. Another son was Robert, who was steward to King Stephen of England.[5] But Marjorie Chibnall thinks this Robert is a cousin, from the Norman branch.[6]


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