William VIII of Montpellier

William VIII (in Occitan: Guilhem; died 1202) was Lord of Montpellier, the son of William VII and Matilda of Burgundy (1135?-1173?).

William VIII of Montpellier
Noble familyGuilhem
Spouse(s)Eudokia Komnene
Agnes of Castile
FatherWilliam VII of Montpellier
MotherMatilda of Burgundy

William VIII married Eudokia Komnene, grand-niece of the Byzantine emperor Manuel I Komnenos.[1]

They had one daughter:

Lacking a male heir William separated from Eudokia, sending her to a monastery in Ariane.[2]
William married Agnes of Castile and they had:

The Pope ruled William's marriage to Agnes as illegitimate and Marie was given the throne.[5]

William VIII was a patron of troubadours. Arnaut de Mareuil came to his court after fleeing from the entourage of Azalais of Toulouse, and at least one of Arnaut's poems is addressed to him.

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