William Osler Health System

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William Osler Health System, formerly William Osler Health Centre, is a hospital network in Ontario, Canada that serves the city of Brampton and the northern portion of the western Toronto district of Etobicoke. The network is named for Canadian physician William Osler, one of the four founding professors of Johns Hopkins Hospital and developer of the concept of medical residency.

William Osler Health System
LocationBrampton and Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Care systemPublic Medicare (Canada) (OHIP)
Emergency departmentYes - at Brampton Civic Hospital and Etobicoke General Hospital
ListsHospitals in Canada
Former logo as William Osler Health Centre

It has an annual operating budget of nearly $500 million CAD.[citation needed]

Hospitals and centres Edit

The network consists of two hospitals and one ambulatory care centre:

Former hospitals Edit

Georgetown Hospital was previously part of the William Osler Health Centre, but in 2005 it was transferred to Halton Healthcare. Peel Memorial Hospital ceased operation in 2007 and was later superseded by the Peel Memorial Centre.

Executives Edit

Ken White, former Trillium CEO, was appointed "Supervisor", which encompasses the role of both president and CEO as well as chairman of the board, by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in 2007 "…to restore public confidence in the health centre". His term ended in April 2010 when Matthew Anderson became CEO.[1]

Foundation Edit

The William Osler Health System raises funds through the William Osler Health System Foundation. Donors to the foundation include AbbVie, Algoma University, Bell, CIBC, Mercedes-Benz, Omni Television, Pfizer, Prime Asia Television, and Toronto Metropolitan University.[2][3]

In April 2022, the foundation received a $128,000 donation from Amazon to assist with recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.[4]

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