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Will Oldham discography

Will Oldham

This is a list of recordings by Will Oldham (a.k.a. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Palace Music, etc.).


Main discographyEdit

The nature of Oldham's work, with constant changes in backing musicians and even the names under which he records, can make for a confusing discography. Below are his releases in as simplified a form as possible.


A few of these albums are credited to another artist alongside Will Oldham but with Oldham providing vocals throughout each of the tracks they clearly belong on a list of Oldham albums.

Studio albumsEdit

Year Album Released As Additional Info
1993 There Is No-One What Will Take Care of You Palace Brothers
1994 Days in the Wake Palace Brothers Original release had eponymous album title: Palace Brothers
1995 Viva Last Blues Palace Music
1996 Arise Therefore Palace Music Re-released through iTunes as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.
1997 Joya Will Oldham Re-released through iTunes as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.

As Bonnie 'Prince' BillyEdit

Year Album Released As Peak chart positions
Album Chart
Billboard 200
1999 I See a Darkness Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 151[1] - -
2001 Ease Down the Road Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 88[1] - -
2003 Master and Everyone Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 48[1] - -
2004 Sings Greatest Palace Music Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 63[1] - -
2005 Superwolf Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney 114[2] - -
2006 The Brave and the Bold Tortoise & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 101[3] - -
2006 The Letting Go Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 70[1] 194 8
2007 Wai Notes Dawn McCarthy & Bonny Billy - - -
2008 Lie Down in the Light Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 122[1] - 10
2009 Beware Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 71[1] 114 2
2010 The Wonder Show of the World Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang 170[1] - 16
2011 Wolfroy Goes to Town Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 150[4] - -
2012 The Marble Downs Trembling Bells & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - - -
2013 What the Brothers Sang Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - - -
2013 Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - - -
2014 Singer's Grave – A Sea of Tongues Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - - -
2016 Fanatic Voyage Chivalrous Amoekons - - -
2017 Best Troubador Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - - -
2017 Wolf Of The Cosmos Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - - -

Live albumsEdit

Compilation albumsEdit


This section again contains several releases which are credited to Oldham alongside another artist or which are credited to a group other than Palace/Palace Brothers/Palace Music/Palace Songs. In these cases Oldham's contribution is such that they merit mention in his own discography rather than in the collaborations section.


Year Title Artist Label/Number
1993 "Ohio River Boat Song" / "Drinking Woman" Palace Brothers Drag City DC25
1993 "Come In" / "Trudy Dies" Palace Drag City DC37
1994 "Horses" / "Stable Will" Palace Songs Drag City DC47
1994 "O How I Enjoy the Light" / "Marriage" Palace Songs Drag City DC64
1994 "West Palm Beach" / "Gulf Shores" Palace Drag City DC61
1995 "The Mountain" / "(End of) Travelling" Palace Drag City DC71
1995 "Gezundheit" / "Let the Wires Ring" Palace Hausmusik 12
1995 "Black/Rich Tune" / "You Have Cum in Your Hair..." Palace Music Drag City (no Cat. No.)
1996 "Every Mother's Son" / "No More Rides" Palace Drag City DC83
1996 "For the Mekons et al." (Live) / "Stable Will" (Live) Palace Live Palace Records PR13
1996 "Little Blue Eyes" / "The Spider's Dude Is Often There" Palace Music Drag City DC91
1997 "Patience" / "Take However Long You Want" Will Oldham Drag City DC118
1997 Little Joya: "Prologue" / "Joya" / "Exit Music (for a Dick)" Will Oldham Drag City DC107X
1997 "In My Mind" (split 7" single with Rising Shotgun) Will Oldham Palace Records PR18
1997 "Big Balls" (split 7" single titled "Sides 5-6") Palace Contribution Skin Graft GR26
1998 "I Am Drinking Again" / "Dreaming My Dreams" (CD) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Domino Rug 67 cd
1998 "Black Dissimulation" / "No Such As What I Want" (7") Bonnie 'Prince' Billie All City Nomad
1998 "The Sun Shines Down On Me" / "I Confess" Bonnie 'Prince' Billy LowFly LF075
1998 "One With the Birds" / "Southside of the World" Bonnie 'Prince' Billie Palace Records PR20
1999 "Let's Start a Family (Blacks)" / "A Whorehouse Is Any House" Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Sub Pop SP 462
2000 "Little Boy Blue" / "Little Boy Blue 2" / "Blue Boy" Bonnie 'Blue' Billy Western Vinyl WEST009
2001 "Just to See My Holly Home" Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Domino (promo)
2002 "Forest Time" (one sided 10" single) Will Oldham Artimo 01
2002 "Brother Warrior" (split 7" single with rainYwood) Bonny Billy Palace Records PR27
2002 "We All, Us Three, Will Ride" / "Barcelona" Will Oldham Isota SODY005
2003 "Happy Child" / "Forest Time" Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC232
2004 "Agnes, Queen of Sorrow" / "Blokbuster" (7" version) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC278 - UK #69[1]
2004 "Agnes, Queen of Sorrow" / "Blokbuster" / "Pussyfooting" (CD Version) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC278 - UK #69[1]
2004 "No More Workhorse Blues" / "The Color of My Dreams, If I Had Dreams" (7") Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC285 - UK #87[1]
2004 "No More Workhorse Blues" / "The Color of My Dreams, If I Had Dreams" / "The Kiss" (CD) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC285 - UK #87[1]
2005 "Puff the Magic Dragon" (split 7" single) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Lucky Dog 03
2005 "I Gave You" / "Four Screams" Bonny/Sweeney Drag City DC298 - UK #210[1]
2006 "His Hands" Bonnie 'Prince' Billy iTunes (US only)
2006 "Cursed Sleep" / "The Signifying Wolf" / "God's Small Song" Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC316 - UK #133[1]
2006 "Cold & Wet" / "Buried Treasure" (7" Version) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Domino RUG235 - UK #186[1]
2006 "Cold & Wet" / "The Way" / "Buried Treasure" (12"/CD) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC318
2007 "Lay & Love" / "Going to Acapulco" (7" version) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Domino RUG246
2007 "Lay & Love" / "Señor" / "Going to Acapulco" (12"/CD) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC329
2007 "John the Baptist" / "Strange Form of Life" (7") Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Self-released / Tour Only
2007 "Strange Form of Life" / "The Seedling" Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Domino RUG248
2008 "Notes For Future Lovers" / "¿Dónde Está Prufrock?" (7") Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Gold Robot GRR006
2009 "One Day At A Time" (iTunes Digital Single) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & the Bewarers
2009 "Forever and Ever" / "In Spite of Ourselves" (7") Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Susanna Self-released / Tour Only
2009 "Stay" / "People Living" (7") Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC422/ Palace Records PR43
2010 "New Year's Eve's The Loneliest Night Of The Year" (split 7" with Mike Heron) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Trembling Bells Honest Johns HJP51
2011 "Island Brothers" / "New Wonder" (10") Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & the Cairo Gang Drag City DC468
2011 "Must Be Blind" / "Life in Muscle" (10") Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney Drag City DC481
2011 "There Is No God" / "God Is Love" (10") Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC483
2012 "I am a Floozy"/"Remember the Terror Time" (book & cd "Afternoon" [5]) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Black Tent Press
2012 "The b-sides for Time To Be Clear" (7") Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC515
2012 "Storms" (split 7" with Billy F. Gibbons) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney Drag City DC546
2012 "Christmas Eve Can Kill You" / "Walking the Dog" (7") Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC547
2013 "Sixty-One / Sixty Minute Man" (10") Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Dogfish Head (brewery); Barcode: 72410124371
2013 "That's My Kind of Night" (iTunes Digital Single) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC587
2013 "Better Than I Used To Be" (iTunes Digital Single) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC587
2013 "Let Me Love You" (iTunes Digital Single) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC587
2014 "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" (iTunes Digital Single) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC587
2014 "Lovin' You Is Fun" (iTunes Digital Single) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC587
2014 "Die Young" (iTunes Digital Single) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City DC587
2014 "Am I Not A Weaker Soldier?" (7") Alexis Taylor vs. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Domino Records RUG629
2014 "New Black Rich (Tusks)" (7") Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City Records DC609
2014 "Quail And Dumplings" (7") Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City Records DC608
2014 "We Love Our Hole / I'll Be Alright" (7") Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang Empty Cellar Records EMP022
2014 "New Trip On The Old Wine / Lay It Down" (7") Trembling Bells & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Tin Angel Records TARRSD1
2015 "Mindlessness" (7") Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City Records DC607
2015 "The Devil Is People" (12") "Bonnie Stillwatter" (Will Oldham & Watter) Temporary Residence Limited
2015 "Gloria/Drie Vragen" (7") Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Broeder Dieleman Snowstar Records 15-062
2017 "Mama Tried" (free digital download) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City Records

Compilation appearancesEdit

This section lists Will Oldham songs which have appeared exclusively on multi-artist compilations.

  • "For The Mekons, et al." – Palace Brothers (Hey Drag City – Drag City, 1993)
  • "Don't I Look Good Today" – Palace Brothers (Louisville Sluggers Vol.3 – Self-Destruct, 1993)
  • "Two More Days" – Palace Brothers (Love Is My Only Crime 2 – Veracity/Intercord, 1994)
  • "I Am A Cinematographer (Live)" - Palace Brothers (The Drag City Hour – Sea Note, 1996)
  • "Meaulnes (Live)" – Palace Brothers (The Drag City Hour – Sea Note, 1996)
  • "I Send My Love To You (Live)" – Palace Brothers (The Drag City Hour – Sea Note, 1996)
  • "You Will Miss Me When I Burn (Live)" – Palace Brothers (The Drag City Hour – Sea Note, 1996)
  • "Little Blue Eyes" (studio version) – Palace (Sourmash: A Louisville Compilation – X-Static/Boss Snake Music, 1996)
  • "Ebb's Folly" – Will Oldham and Jim O'Rourke (Dutch Harbor OST - Atavistic, 1997)
  • "Blokbuster (Live)" – Live Palace Music (Felidae – Last Exit, 1997)
  • "What's Wrong With A Zoo?" – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Quelque Chose d'Organique OST – Virgin France, 1998)
  • "Watch With Me" – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Methods of Intimate Plumbing – Blue Bunny Records, 1999)
  • "Song For The New Breed (acoustic)" – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Louisvillesonicimprint-Vol. 1 – Ghetto Defendant, 2000)
  • "Today I Started Celebrating Again" – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (At Home With The Groovebox - Grand Royal, 2000)
  • "The Eagle and the Hawk" (John Denver) – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Take Me Home – Badman Recording Co., 2000)
  • "Early Morning Melody" – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Shellac presents All Tomorrow's Parties 2.0 – BMI, 2002)
  • "You Can Never Go Fast Enough" – Will Oldham and Alan Licht (Don't Cry, Driver – Plain Recordings, 2003)
  • "There's Something About What Happens When We Talk" – Bonnie Billy and Mary Feiock (Louisville is for Lovers Vol. 3 – Double Malt, 2003)
  • "All These Vicious Dogs" – Will Oldham (All The Real Girls OST – Sanctuary Records/Combustion Music, 2003)
  • "Lessons From What's Poor (different version)" – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Now Who's Crazy? – Drag City, 2003)
  • "Antagonism (live)" – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Wide-Awake Crescent-Shaped – CWAS smile, 2004)
  • "Demon Lover" – Superwolf (Sprout OST – Brushfire Records, 2005)
  • "My Home is the Sea (live)" – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Matt Sweeney (Drag City A–Z – Drag City, 2005)
  • "Will Oldham Speaks His Peace" – Will Oldham (Sea Note presents Mr. Jews 7" – Sea Note, 2005)
  • "Song For Doctors Without Borders" – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Not Alone – Durtro Jnana, 2006)
  • "Monolith Lamb" - Bonnie Billy & Oscar Parsons (Spacemoth 5th Anniversary Compilation 2 – Spacemoth CDr, 2006)
  • "Love Is Pleasing" – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Louisville Is For Lovers 6 – Double Malt, 2006)
  • "Wouldn't It Be Nice" (The Beach Boys) – Oldham Brothers (Do It Again: a Tribute to Pet Sounds – Houston Party Record, 2006)
  • "Puff the Magic Dragon" – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Songs for the Young at HeartV2 Records, 2/2007)
  • "Get Your Hands Dirty" – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Louisville is for Lovers Vol. 8 – Double Malt, 2008)
  • "Torn And Brayed" – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Matt Sweeney (Palermo Shooting OST, 2008)
  • "The Girl in Me" – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Louisville is for Lovers Vol. 9 – Double Malt, 2009)
  • "New Wedding" – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (The Present OST – Brushfire, 2009)
  • "My Only Friend" (Chris Knox) - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Stroke – Songs For Chris Knox – Merge, 2009)
  • "Love in the Hot Afternoon" (Gene Watson) – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney (The Adult Swim Singles Program – Adult Swim, 2010)
  • "Hombre Sencillo (Simple Man)" (Graham Nash) – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Be Yourself: A Tribute to Graham Nash's Songs For Beginners – Grassroots, 2010)
  • "All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands" (Sufjan Stevens) – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Seven Swans Reimagined – On Joyful Wings, 2011)
  • "Storms" (Fleetwood Mac) – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney (Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac – Hear Music, 2012)
  • "Gypsy He-Witch" (Jason Molina) – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Weary Engine Blues: A Tribute To Jason Molina – Graveface, 2013)
  • "Where's the Playground Susie" (Jimmy Webb) – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy ("Still on the Line: A Tribute to Jimmy Webb" – Flannelgraph, 2015)





Year Title Artist Album Label
1996 "Simply Beautiful" Briana Corrigan When My Arms Wrap You Round Eastwest
1996 "I Put My Arms Out To You (Acoustic)" Briana Corrigan Love Me Now Eastwest
1996 "More Brother (Inbred Version)" Ice vs. Palace Macrodub Infection Vol. 2 Gyroscope
1996 "More Brother Dub" Ice vs. Palace Organized Sound Jazz Fudge Recordings
1997 "Untitled" The Continental OP Sounds Of The Geographically Challenged Vol.2 The Temporary Residence
1997 "Spotlight" Rising Shotgun David Allan Coe's In My Mind 7" Palace Records
1997 "Tom" The Anomoanon Mother Goose Palace Records
2000 "I See a Darkness" Johnny Cash American III: Solitary Man American
2001 "Happy Child" Tweaker The Attraction to All Things Uncertain Six Degrees/Ryko
2002 "How Can I Tell You I Love You" Papa M Sonic Youth presents All Tomorrow's Parties 1.1 Bearded Music
2002 "One That Got Away" The Anomoanon Asleep Many Years in the Wood Temporary Residence
2004 "Valentine" Bobby Bare Jr.'s Young Criminals Starvation League From the End of Your Leash Munich Records
2004 "Ruby" Tweaker 2 a.m. Wakeup Call iMUSIC/Waxploitation
2005 "Sea Lion" Sage Francis Sea Lion 12" Epitaph
2005 "Don't Create a Ditch"
"He Was A Friend Of Mine"
"Nothin' to Celebrate"
Red Nothin' To Celebrate Universal Music
2005 "Gratitude" Björk Drawing Restraint 9 Polydor
2005 "Punks in the Beerlight" The Silver Jews Tanglewood Numbers Drag City
2006 "Lowlight" Wrinkle Neck Mules Pull The Brake Shut Eye
2006 "His Hands" Candi Staton His Hands Honest Jons/Astralwerks
2006 "Idumæa" Current 93 Black Ships Ate the Sky Durtro Jnana
2006 "Leave It Behind" Homesick Hank Leave It Behind Playground
2006 "BTK Blues"
"Don't Ever Change"
Pink Nasty Mold the Gold Self Released
2007 "Knoxville Girl" Charlie Louvin s/t Tompkins Square
2007 "Through My Sails" Soulsavers It's Not How Far You Fall, It's The Way You Land V2
2007 "Idumæa (live)" Current 93 Birdsong in the Empire Durtro Jnana
2007 "La Chambre" Soy Un Caballo Les Heures De Raison Matamore
2007 "Evolution of Waters"
Valgeir Sigurdsson Ekvilibrium Bedroom Community
2007 "Do You Want to be Buried With My People"
"River of No Return"
"Comfort You"
Scout Niblett This Fool Can Now Die Too Pure
2008 "Unlit Hallway"
"Like the River"
Sun Kil Moon April Caldo Verde
2008 "Bury the Ghost" Dosh Wolves and Wishes anticon.
2008 "Would You?" Holly Throsby A Loud Call Spunk
2009 "Sunrise" Soulsavers Broken V2 / Cooperative Music.



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