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Wilhelm Mannhardt (March 26, 1831, Friedrichstadt – December 25, 1880, Danzig) was a German scholar and folklorist. He is known for his work on Baltic mythology, as a collector, and for his championing of the solar theory.

He carried out field work despite poor health. He was a forerunner of James Frazer's, and like Frazer, his theories have subsequently been heavily criticized.[1]


  • Letto-Preussische Götterlehre (1870)
  • Wald- und Feldkulte. Band 1: Der Baumkultus der Germanen und ihrer Nachbarstämme: mythologische Untersuchungen (reprint)
  • Wald- und Feldkulte. Band 2: Antike Wald- und Feldkulte aus nordeuropäischer Überlieferung erläutert (reprint)


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