Asplenium serratum

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Asplenium serratum, the bird's nest spleenwort, wild birdnest fern, or New World birdnest fern, is a fern of the New World/Americas.

Asplenium serratum
Asplenium serratum.jpg

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Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Class: Polypodiopsida
Order: Polypodiales
Suborder: Aspleniineae
Family: Aspleniaceae
Genus: Asplenium
A. serratum
Binomial name
Asplenium serratum


The fern is native to tropical Brazil, the Caribbean, and Florida of the Southeastern United States. It is rare in central and southern Florida, where it is a state-listed endangered species.[1][2]


Asplenium serratum is an epiphytic or lithophytic fern that grows on eroded limestone, tree trunks, rotting stumps, and fallen logs.[3][2]


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