Wikispecies is a free-content species directory that anyone can edit. and a project of the Wikimedia Foundation. The entry page is at

Templates related to Wikispecies:

  • {{Wikispecies}} – creates a small right-aligned box with a link to the equivalent article on Wikispecies
  • {{Wikispecies-inline}} – creates a one-line, left-aligned text string with a link to the equivalent article on Wikispecies
  • {{Sister project links}} – creates links when numerous sister projects have articles to link
  • {{User Wikispecies}} – Userbox for Wikispecies editors to put on their Wikipedia user page

The prefix codes for interwikimedia links to Wikispecies are [[wikispecies:]] (long form) and [[species:]] (short form).

There is a mailing list for enwiki users who are contributors to Wikispecies, or just interested in the project, located at Wikipedia:Wikispecies/Mailing list, where you can add (or remove) a link to your talk page, in order to get newsletters regarding Wikispecies.

Wikispecies also has an IRC channel, which you reach at IRC #wikispecies (IRC channel) by typing /join #wikispecies in your IRC client.