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Episode 62: Chrome-Plated Roundtable
Released: 14 September 2008

WikipediaWeekly Episode 62.

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  • write API is now live! (Fuzheado, Tawker) Explain what an API is.
  • Frieda resigns from the board
  • Should Wikiquote be disbanded?
  • German Wikipedia now displaying flagged revisions to anonymous.

currently Flagged Revisions is running on de-WP, ru-WP and en-wikinews. While ru-WP and en-wikinews had a strawpoll before this was turned on, de first had the test and then we had a straw poll in August to decide about how to proceed. There were three options and any user could vote for any of those options but only once for any option. The options were: 1) Disable Flagged Revs. 2) Keep Flagged Revs and IPs see the current version and 3) Keep Flagged Revs and IPs see the latest flagged revision. The results are (see

1) 362 Users 2) 197 Users 3) 708 Users.

So, since last week, IPs see by default the latest flagged revision.

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