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Episode 1: The Pilot
Released: 16 October, 2006

WikipediaWeekly #1

This is Wikipedia Weekly, Episode 1 for the week of October 16, 2006.



  1. Introduction of the panel
    • Andrew Lih User:Fuzheado, active on English Wikipedia located in China. Currently writing a book about Wikipedia and its community.
    • Andrew2 aka User:Tawker, of Tawkerbot2 and currently located in Canada. Is not writing a book about Wikipedia yet... his blog isn't paper worthy yet
    • I think in this podcast, we'll go by Wikipedia usernames, because there are way too many Andrews in the Wikipedia universe.
  2. Introduction to news sources
  3. Latest news
    • Board elections - Erik Moeller elected, Kat/Mindspillage and Oscar next.
    • Taiwan location for Wikimania 2007
    • Chinese unblocking Wikipedia
    • Tor blocking.... is it a good pratice
    • No more @ signs in usernames, because of spamming, breaks stuff - [] - New accounts on the WMF-wikis can not longer be created if the username contains the @-symbol. Existing users who have that symbol in there username can still login but only temporary. All these users need to request for a username change. Contact a local bureaucrat to do that or ask a steward if your wiki does not have a bureaucrat.
    • [CategoryTree] - On the category-pages there is now a function added that lets users browse through the lower category levels from the higher category. There is an option to "expand" the category. This makes it much more easy to navigate and find the category you are looking for without the need to actually request the different layers of the category. This function works only if javascript is enabled. If not, the "+" symbol appears but does not work. Those users can still use the categories the traditional way.
    • Bot commons delinker
    • - Copyvio finding bot
    • Polar exploration improvement Wikipedia:Spotlight/work before
  4. Special:Random article + discussion
  5. Articles deleted NY Times article
  6. Listener feedback
    • Leave on WP:WWPC - We'll add an option to leave a voicemail for Q & A later. If you have any questions please feel free to post in the show comments and we'll respond on a QA session.
  7. Regular Segments
    • The World According to Wikipedia [1]
       8. Lost (TV series)
       11. Amish
       12. YouTube
       13. World War II
       14. PlayStation 3
       16. United States
       18. North Korea
       20. List of big-bust models and performers
       21. Sexual intercourse
       22. Naruto
       25. Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
       26. Christopher Columbus
       27. List of sex positions
       28. Wii
       29. Japan
       30. Sex
       31. September 11, 2001 attacks
       32. 2006 North Korean nuclear test
       33. List of female porn stars
       34. X-Men
       35. List of South Park episodes
       36. Deaths in 2006
       37. Mark Foley
       38. Clitoris
       39. South Park
       40. The Lord of the Rings
       41. Windows Vista
       42. Penis
       43. Special:Booksources
       44. France
       45. List of Naruto episodes
       46. Cory Lidle
       47. Mexico
       48. Masturbation
       49. Make Love, Not Warcraft
       50. Nuclear weapon#* Stats/numbers

Show rundownEdit

00:00 The panel - Fuzheado and Tawker
01:00 News sources - Signpost, Wikizine, Announcements
03:06 Board elections, Erik Moeller elected
04:42 Wikimania 2007 - Taiwan selected
07:54 Wikipedia in China
11:30     Tor - The Onion Router explained
16:55 Usernames, no more @ signs allowed
18:44 Category browser
22:07 Spotlight article
24:45 	Polar exploration
30:00 	British Columbia ferry
30:44 Random Article - The Wilco Book
34:25 Bots explained
37:09 	Tawkerbot2
44:55 	Wherebot
48:28 Google/Yahoo News Alerts
49:34 Wikitruth

51:05 The World According to Wikipedia
1:00:25 Feedback
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