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Course name
THEA 7214X Global Theater History and Theory I
Brooklyn College, CUNY
Amy E Hughes
Wikipedia Expert
Ian (Wiki Ed)
Theater History
Course dates
2016-08-29 00:00:00 UTC – 2016-12-19 23:59:59 UTC
Approximate number of student editors

In this course, we will survey examples of theatrical practice, drama, and treatises (theory) in oral and written cultures before 1650, including ritual and shamanic performance; religious and civic festivals in ancient Greece, Rome, and medieval Europe; theatrical traditions in Egypt, Japan, and India; and European Renaissance drama.

Student Assigned Reviewing
Joshuachasegold Dulcitius Areíto, Assemblywomen
Vivianavrgs Loa (Spanish play) Areíto, Hahoetal
DaniellaBenavides La calandria (play) Theatre of ancient Rome, Assemblywomen
Jackpmattern Assemblywomen Lazzi, Dulcitius
Jaynakatz Theatre of ancient Rome La Calandria (A play), Lazzi
Giantek Lazzi La Calandria (A play), Hahoetal
RaineRules Hahoetal Dulcitius, Loa (Spanish play)
Making.history Areíto Theatre of ancient Rome, Loa (Spanish play)


Week 1

Course meetings
Monday, 5 September 2016
Assignment - (NO CLASS) Setting Up; Making a Small Dent
  1. Complete the first three modules in the Wikipedia Tutorial for students (it will take approximately one hour).
  2. If you don’t have a Wikipedia account: Create an account on and establish your user page (post a brief bio, etc.). For help, watch the video on creating an account and/or read the Account and user page creation handout.
  3. Log into your account on Wikipedia and complete the following three tasks:
    1. Make at least one improvement to the Brooklyn College article, the article about your hometown, or an article about any other school you have attended.
    2. Introduce yourself to me, our Online Ambassadors, and at least one of your classmates by leaving messages on their Talk pages. (See the Talk pages tutorial video for guidance.)
    3. “Enroll” in the assignment by going to,_CUNY/THEA_7214X_Global_Theater_History_and_Theory_I_(Fall_2016)?enroll=useibrfx. You will need an "enrollment token" to enroll (you can find this on the Wikipedia Project handout you received from me).

Week 2

Course meetings
Monday, 12 September 2016
In class - Nothing due (work on tasks due 9/19)

Week 3

Course meetings
Monday, 19 September 2016
Assignment - Evaluating and Choosing Articles; Learning How to Cite Sources
  1. Watch video (2 min) about the importance of Verifiability and Neutral point of view on Wikipedia.
  2. Take the Wikipedia student tutorial on Sources and Citations (10 min). For additional help, read the Referencing handout, the Evaluating Wikipedia article quality brochure, and the Referencing: Wikicode handout (if you want to try using wikicode instead of the VisualEditor).
  3. Familiarize yourself with WikiProject Theatre, a community effort to improve all articles relating to theater, with the goal of making Wikipedia one of the best online resources on the subject.
  4. Log into your account on Wikipedia and “claim” at least three (3) articles you want to assess and potentially edit this semester: go to our course page and add your user name in the box next to your chosen topics. You are only required to work on one article, but I want you to explore at least three possibilities before committing.

Week 4

Course meetings
Monday, 26 September 2016
Assignment - Preliminary Bibliography; Setting Up Your Sandbox
  1. Complete the Wikipedia student tutorial on Sandboxes and Mainspace (10 min).
  2. Log into your account and visit your “Sandbox”—the experimental space you will use to draft content for the Wikipedia page you’re developing. You can access it by clicking the “Sandbox” link at the top of the page, between “Talk” and “Preferences.” For help, visit About_the_Sandbox.
  3. Go to your User page and add this text at the bottom: {{My sandbox|yourusername}} This will add a “button” to your User page that will give me access your sandbox.
  4. In your sandbox, post a bibliography, formatted in MLA style, of at least ten (10) potentially useful secondary sources (books and journal articles) that you will consult during this project. NOTE: For your actual Wikipedia article, you can use Wikipedia's referencing tool to automatically format your citations. Different articles use different citation systems, not necessarily MLA. However, you will write your MA/MFA thesis using MLA style, which is why I want you to use MLA in for this Sandbox assignment.
  5. After you have posted your bibliography, go to my Talk page and post a message for me indicating you have finished this task.

Week 5

Course meetings
Thursday, 6 October 2016
Assignment - (Conversion Day) 1st Draft of Needs Assessment (NA) and Writing Plan (WP)
  1. Prepare a Needs Assessment (NA) for the article you have chosen. It should include:
    1. A completed “Article Evaluation Form” (you can download this form by going to the Syllabus/Handouts area on Blackboard)
    2. A 250-500 word description of the article’s quality
    3. A checklist of what you think needs to be improved
  2. Prepare a Writing Plan (WP). It should include:
    1. A 250-500 word description of your planned improvements (this should correspond to your NA’s checklist of improvement needs)
    2. Your working bibliography (at least 10 sources, formatted in MLA style)
    3. A timeline of your planned improvements
  3. Print a copy of your NA, WP, and Wikipedia page and bring to class for peer review.

Week 6

Course meetings
Monday, 10 October 2016
Assignment - (NO CLASS) Final Draft NA & WP

Incorporate the feedback you received during the peer review of your NP and WP. Submit the final draft to me on Blackboard (in the Assignments area).

Week 7

Course meetings
Monday, 17 October 2016
Assignment - Work on Article(s); First Substantial Addition (Moving Out of Your Sandbox)

Use your sandbox to develop text and experiment. By this date, you should transport at least one substantial addition to the “live” article.

Week 8

Course meetings
Monday, 24 October 2016
Assignment - Work on Article(s); Adding Visual Content
  1. Take the Wikipedia student tutorial on Contributing Images and Media Files. For additional help, read the Illustrating Wikipedia brochure.
  2. Find at least one image (that is NOT under copyright protection) related to your topic and upload it, either to your Sandbox or to the Wikipedia article. You may also design your own graph, timeline, or other visual aid that you believe will enhance the article.


Week 9

Course meetings
Monday, 31 October 2016
In class - Work on Article(s) (nothing due)

By now, you should have an initial draft of a comprehensive treatment of your topic. 

Week 10

Course meetings
Monday, 7 November 2016
Assignment - Midterm Progress Report; Choosing Articles to Peer Review
  1. Complete the Wikipedia student tutorial on Peer Review (7 min).
  2. Officially “nominate” your article for peer review on Wikipedia, so that your classmates (and possibly others) can give you feedback on your work. Instructions are here.
  3. Select two classmates’ articles to peer review. “Claim” the articles by going to our Wikipedia course page and adding your username to the appropriate box in the list of articles. (You don’t have to review them yet.)
  4. Prepare a progress report that includes:
    1. A copy of the checklist in your WP, annotated to indicate what you have done so far
    2. An honest self-assessment (200-500 words) of your progress on your original WP
    3. A new (200-500 word) evaluation of the article’s quality
    4. An updated WP for the remainder of the semester
    5. A PDF of the revision history of your article. Click on your assigned article’s “View history” tab, select the last revision before you started working on the article and the current revision, and then click “Compare selected revisions.” Then make a PDF.
  5. Submit your progress report in the Assignments area on Blackboard.
  6. Print one copy of your progress report and bring it to class for peer review 

Week 11

Course meetings
Monday, 14 November 2016
Assignment - Peer Review of Two Articles
  1. Reread the “Article Evaluation Form” (in Syllabus/Handouts area on Blackboard).
  2. Keeping the criteria in mind, evaluate the two articles you have chosen to peer review using Wikipedia’s peer review system.

Week 12

Course meetings
Monday, 21 November 2016
In class - Responding to Feedback (nothing due)

Make edits to your article based on peers’ feedback and midterm progress report. 

Week 13

Course meetings
Monday, 28 November 2016
In class - Responding to Feedback (nothing due)

Continue making edits based on peers’ feedback and midterm progress report. 

Week 14

Course meetings
Monday, 5 December 2016
Assignment - Reflective Essay and Class Presentation; Finishing Up
  1. Write a short reflective essay (2 pages, double spaced) summarizing your Wikipedia contributions, both as a writer/contributor and a reviewer/editor. Submit your essay in the Assignments area on Blackboard.
  2. You will give a brief presentation (3-4 minutes) in class today about your Wikipedia editing experience, summarizing your reflection paper. 

Week 15

Course meetings
Monday, 12 December 2016
Assignment - Submit Electronic Portfolio
  1. This is your last week to make improvements to your article.
  2. Create an electronic portfolio documenting your work on this project. I will use this portfolio to evaluate your work and assign you a grade for the assignment.It should be in the form of a single PDF or Word (.doc or .docx) document. To include visual material, make scans or create screenshots, then insert them into the document. Your e-portfolio should include:
    1. Your reflective essay
    2. A copy of the article as it originally appeared in September
    3. A copy of the article as it now appears 
    4. Your midterm progress report
    5. Your final progress report. This should include 1) the original checklist from your WP, annotated to indicate what you ultimately accomplished; 2) a 200-500 word assessment of the article’s current quality; and 3) a short description of what, in your opinion, could be done to further improve the article.
  3. Submit your electronic portfolio in the Assignments area on Blackboard.