Wikipedia:WikiProject User warnings/FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the new user warnings system, as well as user warnings in general.

Where is the version before the change?Edit

This version of WP:UTM was what was there before the new templates were implemented there. Notice that templates were often sporadically arranged, some with unpredictable and not self-evident names.

How will the old templates coexist with the new ones?Edit

Ideally, the old templates (such as {{test2}}) will redirect to the new ones (like {{uw-test2}}). However, this will only be done once there is consensus to do so from the community. See the overview on suggested ideas for what to do with old templates.

There are templates without a new equivalent!Edit

Please suggest them on the talk page of the user talk messages list or user warning project.

Why do the new templates have a "uw-" prefix?Edit

In this discussion, Quarl (talk · contribs) suggested that templates should be harmonized with a common prefix, and this straw poll indicated that consensus was to do so. This is consistent with the "db-" prefix used with speedy deletion templates.

Why do the new templates have icons?Edit

An icon scheme was suggested by Khukri (talk · contribs) in this discussion. The icons were intended to introduce consistency between templates and, in the words of JoeSmack, provide "a common graphic metric to see what the deal is with an IP/user."

The new templates take so long to type!Edit

Templates with name such as {{uw-vandalism4}} take more time to type than merely {{test4}}. For this reason, it was suggested that there be template redirects, or "template shortcuts", that are shorter than the template names themselves. For example, {{uw-v4}} redirects to {{uw-vandalism4}}. The template documentation for a user warning template should note applicable template shortcuts. (See Template:Templatesnotice for how to indicate this if it doesn't note it.) If you want to create a template shortcut, mark it with the redirect template {{r from warning template}}.

Also, it is easy to copy a usage example from the documentation on the template page, paste it into the user's talk page, then edit the parameters as needed.

How about creating a user warning template ...Edit