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Portal:U.S. Roads a great gateway to the projectEdit

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According to WP:PORTAL, "The idea of a portal is to help readers and/or editors navigate their way through Wikipedia topic areas through pages similar to the Main Page. In essence, portals are useful entry-points to Wikipedia content." The U.S. Roads project has a portal at P:USRD, which serves as a gateway to U.S. road articles to readers and editors. The portal starts with an overview of the main road systems in the U.S. such as Interstates, U.S. Routes, state routes, and scenic byways. The portal also lists recent news events pertaining to roads across the country. Every month, the portal features a different selected article, selected picture, and Did you know? hooks. The selected article showcases a short blurb of a high-quality (GA, A, FA) USRD article. The selected picture shows a picture of a U.S. road, ranging from a two-lane country road to an urban freeway. The Did you know? sections features five interesting facts from U.S. road articles. Through the work of Imzadi1979 and other USRD editors, the USRD portal has attained featured portal status, meaning it is among the best of portals on Wikipedia. In order to maintain our portal and help it keep its featured portal status, we need your help. Recommendations for selected article, selected picture, and Did you know? hooks are always needed. The recommendation pages can be found here for selected article, here for selected picture, and here for Did you know? hooks. In addition, any recent events pertaining to U.S. roads can always be added to the U.S. Roads news section.

A lunar eclipse: our slow and steady Lua progressEdit

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HWY Cup a success in improving the articles of WikiProject HighwaysEdit

Editor: Dough4872, TCN7JM

Over the course of the summer, WP:HWY editors from around the globe participated in the HWY Cup. This competition encouraged editors to improve various aspects of road articles, from content creation, to media such as maps and KML files, to participation within the project by reviewing articles at ACR and FAC, and more. The HWY Cup began on June 1 with a field of thirteen editors from multiple countries around the world. As June turned to July, and then August, the field was narrowed from thirteen editors in Round 1 to seven editors in Round 2, and finally down to just four editors in Round 3. The Cup concluded at the end of August with Mr. Matté winning it all! Rcsprinter came in a close second place, Fredddie took third, and Floydian brought up the rear. Congratulations to Mr. Matté on winning the HWY Cup, and thanks to all thirteen editors for participating this year.

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State updatesEdit

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Leaderboard and stub countEdit

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Here's a list of the top ten states as of September 29, 2014.

Rank State   FA   A   GA B C Start Stub ω Ω
1 Michigan 24 8 172 9 0 0 0 379 1.7979
2 Delaware 1 0 53 3 6 0 0 139 2.206
3 New York 12 3 195 330 109 27 0 1954 2.891
4 Washington 0 2 72 78 53 5 1 623 2.953
5 Maryland 4 1 65 344 47 7 0 1386 2.962
6 New Jersey 1 2 102 47 18 81 0 824 3.283
7 Utah 4 3 16 64 131 6 1 787 3.498
8 Iowa 2 1 18 17 87 11 0 491 3.610
9 Arizona 1 0 13 17 46 20 0 361 3.722
10 Oklahoma 2 0 14 67 37 58 0 667 3.747

The top ten states remain in the same order again, with WikiWork increasing or decreasing depending on state. Two of the top 10 states (Washington and Utah) have each gained a stub.

Project   FA   A   GA B C Start Stub Total ω Ω
USRD 64 24 935 1327 2789 4584 1644 11367 49815 4.382
IH 18 2 47 41 233 226 0 567 2281 4.023
USH 14 4 57 33 204 331 1 644 2694 4.183
Auto trail 7 0 5 1 10 28 7 58 235 4.052

Since our last issue in June we have had a net loss of 35 stubs. We have gained two featured articles, both out of the Midwest. These new featured articles were U.S. Route 31 in Michigan and U.S. Route 141.

Selected article/picture from portalEdit

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