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Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine/Medical genetics task force

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Welcome to this medicine task force. If you have any questions about articles or are generally seeking advice, you're encouraged to ask at the Medicine talk page, the centralized point for discussion, thank you.

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Welcome to the Medical genetics task force!

Our goals are to improve medical genetics related articles, rate works about genetics disorders and create featured articles. The main scopes of the project are outlined below. If you want to discuss and create practical advice to help editors, please visit article advice talk page.

We rate and improve all articles of Genetic disorders category.

And the most important part of the project is to fulfill List of genetic disorders.

If you are interested in medicine or genetics and want to join, please list yourself in participants' list.

Most of our articles are also within the scope of WikiProject:Genetics.

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News, announcementsEdit

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Medical genetics article assessmentEdit

Medical genetics task force assessment statistics


Main articlesEdit

Article Alert Status
stub Please help turn this stub into a full article.
start This article is in poor condition, and could use a lot of help.
B-class The article needs expansion, organization, and/or a neutral point of view.
A-class The article is in good shape. With a little care, it could be a Featured Article candidate.
featured This is a featured article! Congratulations!
needs opinion This article has not yet been classified into the categories above. Please help by classifying this article.

The color codes are as follows: #FF5555, #FF9900, #FFFF66, #77BBFF, #00CC00, and #FFFFFF.

List of open tasksEdit

If you have a job for the project, please list it here:

Zzaffuto118 Behavioural Genetics Really interested in this article/ would like to see this article expanded
Ebe123 Tay–Sachs disease To promote to A class
Drsoumyadeepb Rheumatoid Arthritis To add cited information on genetic basis of RA
Drsoumyadeepb Gene Therapy To add evidence on clinical use of gene therapy as evidence from clinical trials
Drsoumyadeepb Thalassemia To improve content on genetic basis , evidence of therapy, epidemiology. counselling
Drsoumyadeepb Epigenetics To improve content as well as make it easy to understand for non-technical people
General medical genetics
First we should improve our main articles:
Article Status Comments (optional)
Aneuploidy B-class needs a few more references, fact checking, very close to A article
Anticipation (genetics) start bigger topic, no image, reference, few external links
Cytogenetics B-class
Gene therapy B-class
Genetic counseling start no references
Deletion (genetics) start
Genetic disorder B-class has section stubs more links are needed.
Genetic testing B-class
Human genetic engineering B-class references copyed of weasel words
Medical genetics B-class needs help with history, ethics
Mitochondrial disease B-class close to start class...
Sex linkage start no references! suggested merge a possibility
X-linked dominant start Lacks references. Could expand details on list of diseases suggested merge a possibility
X-linked recessive start Lacks sections, references, links suggested merge a possibility

Project noticeEdit

The template for marking an article as part of the Medical genetics task force is part of the WikiProject Medicine banner, {{WPMED}}. It can be inserted into an article's talkpage with:

{{WPMED |class= |importance= |genetics=yes |genetics-imp= }}

The first "importance" parameter is the subject's importance to the overall field of medicine, according to the system outlined here. The importance of a subject to the field of medical genetics should be listed with the "genetics-imp" parameter.