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Welcome to WikiProject Gymnastics. Some have formed this collaboration resource and group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of gymnastics, including the organization of information and articles on this topic area. This page and its subpages contain suggestions and various resources, including article assessment information, that we hope help focus the efforts of other Wikipedians to improve all sport related articles in order to make Wikipedia an excellent resource for gymnastics-related information for all who visit. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page, join the project, and see the to-do list below.

Open tasksEdit


Gymnast/Biography PagesEdit

  • Rename pages for Japanese gymnasts by using the move option. The family name should be before the given name (Example: Murakami Mai). Also do this for the article content when a Japanese gymnast is mentioned.
  • Add {{Infobox Gymnast}} to biographical articles[1].

Competitive History Table Copy and Paste Guide (with color code!)Edit

  • this table guide excludes a citation/reference, which you will likely need
Year Event Team AA VT UB BB FX
Continential Championships 1st place, gold medalist(s) 2nd place, silver medalist(s) 3rd place, bronze medalist(s) 4 5 6
pan american/euro/asian/african games
Commonwealth Games
Youth Olympic Games
Olympic Games
World Championships
Year insert competition here
insert competition here
insert competition here

Non-biography articles to work onEdit

Articles to createEdit

  • National championships by country
  • Other notable competitions
    • Chunichi Cup, Goodwill Games, etc.
  • Notable gymnasts
  • Any national teams
  • Any national governing bodies

Notable gymnastics sourcesEdit

Article alertsEdit

Articles for deletion

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Requested moves

Articles for creation

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Thank you for your contributions to gymnastics articles! I invite you to join WikiProject Gymnastics, a collaborative effort to improve Wikipedia's coverage of gymnastics and the related sports of cheerleading, power tumbling, and trampolining. If you would like to participate, join by adding your name to the Members page. Thanks!

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