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Welcome to the Festival WikiProject
  • Improve Wikipedia's coverage of festivals and celebrations from around the world.
  • Cover all festivals within the project's scope.
  • Create new articles about festivals that are notable.
  • The project covers articles, categories, lists and templates about festivals and celebrations.
Qualifying Festivals and Celebrations
  • Must have at least 5 years of existence.
  • Must have at least 15,000 participants any given year.
  • Includes community festivals, state festivals and national festivals that are not considered holidays.
  • If a festival does not meet the above requirements but is recognized by a nation(s)/state(s); it Must have a significant Historical Origin well recognized by more than the community it is held in.

Members edit

Note: as of September 2010, I am trying to revive this project. Please come to the member page and help!

To sign up as a member of the Festival Wikiproject click on the link below and add your name in Alpha order.

Remember Anyone can join this project and contribute!!

Please include in what fields you will be focusing on behind your name; whether it be on local festivals, state, or national, or any other type of festivals.


For questions or comments contact PL Maverick

Current tasks edit

  • Add more to events to the List of festivals list.
  • Create templates for designating articles within our scope.
  • Establish an Award Template for exemplary edits and contributions to the project.
  • Start a newsletter.

Suggested tasks edit

Place tasks that you think might benefit the project below.

Templates in progress edit

{{WikiProject Festivals}} This template is for designating an article as part of the wikiproject. If a festival falls within the requirements for a notable festival then add this to the talk page of the article. Enter {{WikiProject Festivals}} on the article's talk page to add the banner.

{{User WikiProject Festivals}} This template will designate the user as a participant in the Wikiproject Festivals. Add to your user page to add yourself to the participant page.

{{User WikiProject Festivals2}} This template will designate the user as a participant in the Wikiproject Festivals. Add to your user page to add yourself to the participant page.

{{Love To Party Award}} name suggestions appreciated

  • suggested names----
  • Festival Award
  • Party-Hardy Award
  • Festival Star Award

{{Festival Newsletter}} This template will place the Festival Newsletter on the talk page of all users that wish to receive it. If the user wishes to receive the newsletter but does not want their page flooded; then input the following command into the users' talk page {{tl|Festival Newsletter}}. Introduce the link in the talk page so that the user knows what the link is for.

Categories edit

  • National: Festivals held by a nation on a designated day, which is not considered a holiday, e.g., Mardi Gras, Super Bowl Festivals / tailgate parties.
  • State: Festivals held by a state on a designated day that represents an important event.
  • Local: Festivals, held and recognized by a community or city, that are not recognized by the state or nation in which it's held.
NOTE – Local festivals are common, yet are among the least known, which is why the minimum requirements (e.g., 5 years, 15,000 participants).

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