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About Temple UniversityEdit

Temple University began as Russell Conwell's Baptist Temple

Temple University is a state-related higher education institution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1884 when lawyer and minister Russell Conwell started tutoring members of the community's working class in the basement of his Baptist Temple. It quickly grew, with 600 students by the time it was chartered just four years later. Today it is a research university (R1) with 17 colleges, including a law school and medical college, and 38,000 students.

Overview of library resourcesEdit

Paley Library

Temple University Libraries serves both the students and faculty of the institution as well as members of the public from the surrounding communities. A member of the Association of Research Libraries, the collection includes 3.5 millions volumes, offers access to nearly 700 research databases, and includes the institution's archives and special collections.

Temple holds extensive collections on the history of Philadelphia, the history of African-Americans, and Holocaust studies.

Position announcementsEdit

Temple University is currently accepting applications.

Temple University Libraries would like to give an experienced Wikipedian remote access to its resources to improve articles on the history of Philadelphia, the history of African-Americans in Philadelphia, and/or the history and study of the Holocaust.

The Visiting Scholar would have access to a full range of Temple University Libraries resources, including extensive collections on the history of Philadelphia, a collection of work by Holocaust scholar and educator Franklin Littell, and several relevant photography collections including John Mosley's documentation of African-American life in Philadelphia between 1930-1960.

This Visiting Scholars opportunity comes with a $350 honorarium.

The contact for this position is Steven Bell.

To apply for this position, send a copy of your resume or CV to and head to the Visiting Scholars application.