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Step 1Edit

To create a new videowiki script, first create a new Wikipedia page with the title Wikipedia:Videowiki/ followed by the name of the article.

Step 2Edit

Add the videowiki template to the top of the new, empty article. To do this, type the term videowiki, surrounded by pairs of matching curly brackets.

Step 3Edit

Copy the introductory section from the original article and paste it below the videowiki template. In the edit summary, mention the article you copied the text from. In this example the edit summary says copied from urinary tract infection. This ensures that the other editors, who helped create the original article, are credited.

Step 4Edit

Hit publish changes to save the work that has been done so far.

Step 5Edit

Edit the text to distribute it into different slides. This is done by adding section headers: Each header will cause the output video to transition to a new slide. Under each header, add the text that is to be spoken and the image or video that is to be displayed for that slide. To keep the video engaging, it is recommended to limit the text for each slide to one or two sentences.

Step 6Edit

Hit publish changes

Step 7Edit

Add an image, video or other media to each section. Videowiki only accepts media from Wikimedia commons.

Step 7aEdit

To make it easy to place images in the script, create a placeholder for each image, in each section, by adding a dummy image link and the clear template. The dummy image links can be replaced as you find suitable media to match the text.

Step 8Edit

Hit publish changes

Step 9Edit

Add all of your images, ensure your references are intact, then, after publishing your script hit, "Preview my changes" to see your creation in the Videowiki tool. You can make changes, and refresh the videowiki preview as often as necessary. We suggest you make liberal use of commas, brackets, and periods, to control text speed. Also make sure to double check your references, since its easy to accidentally break them during editing.

Step 10Edit

Once you're happy with the results in the videowiki tool, Hit the "Upload to Commons" link, and fill in any necessary details.


A sandbox for experimenting is available at Wikipedia:VideoWiki/Sandbox