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Science Fantasy was a British fantasy and science fiction magazine, launched in 1950 by Nova Publications. John Carnell edited the magazine beginning with the third issue, typically running a long lead novelette along with several shorter stories. Prominent contributors in the 1950s included John Brunner, Ken Bulmer, and Brian Aldiss, whose first novel Nonstop appeared (in an early version) in the February 1956 issue. Fantasy stories began to appear more frequently during the latter half of the 1950s, and in the early 1960s Carnell began to publish Thomas Burnett Swann's well-received historical fantasies. In the early 1960s Carnell's efforts were rewarded with three consecutive Hugo nominations for best magazine. After Nova went out of business in early 1964, Roberts & Vinter took over as publishers until 1967. Kyril Bonfiglioli, the editor, attracted new writers, including Keith Roberts, Brian Stableford and Josephine Saxton. In the opinion of science fiction historian Mike Ashley, the final year of the magazine, when it was renamed Impulse, included some of the best material ever published in a British science fiction magazine. (Full article...)