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Tropical Storm Faxai was a short-lived tropical storm that had minor effects on land. The twentieth named storm of the 2007 Pacific typhoon season, Faxai originated from a tropical depression over the open waters of the western Pacific Ocean in late October. The storm quickly strengthened, becoming a severe tropical storm on October 26 as it rapidly traveled towards the northeast. It became extratropical the following day as it brushed Japan. Although Faxai never made landfall, outer bands associated with the storm produced torrential rains, amounting to 458 mm (18 in) on Miyake-jima. A Japan Airlines flight to Narita Airport encountered severe turbulence during the afternoon of October 27; one person sustained serious injuries, five others received minor injuries, and the plane was damaged. One person was killed near Tokyo as the storm passed by, and three others were injured. The storm's remnants dissipated on October 28. (Full article...)