Wikipedia:Tip of the day/April 1, 2007

Tip of the day - Ask Jimbo Wales

Many users feel the need to pester User:Jimbo Wales with their problems. It is not immediately clear why this is, as this user has less than 3000 edits, and edits are more important than anything, even your children. In any event, if you feel you are being persecuted by the Cabal, would like to report Admin abuse, want to complain about the image/page/userbox that was just deleted, have a paranoid theory, or would like some money, he is, for whatever reason, the guy to go to. When making your request, it is very important to be beligerant, use all capital letters and useful HTML tags, and ignore all proper wiki formatting. If you do not get an answer immediately, feel free to repost the message to his talk page several times, as well to Talk:Bomis, Talk:Wikipedia, Talk:Jimmy Wales, and to every Village Pump. If that fails, then it is necessary to corner him in an airport bathroom, and shake vigorously until an answer appears. Then you shall achieve enlightenment and wealth!

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