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Patrolled pages (or new pages patrolling) is a subset of the patrolled edits MediaWiki software feature, installed in Wikipedia in November 2007, that indicates whether an article has been patrolled by a reviewer or administrator through Special:NewPages, Special:NewPagesFeed, Special:RecentChanges, or otherwise.

What to mark as patrolledEdit

  • Any page that is tagged for speedy deletion, proposed for deletion, or nominated for discussion so editors do not waste time patrolling a new page that has already been patrolled.
  • Any page that is appropriate for Wikipedia, although if it requires significant work, it should have a tag explaining that it needs major improvement.

What not to mark as patrolledEdit

  • Pages you are not sure about and want a second (or third) opinion on. (Please note, there is no "undo" of the patrol action note).
  • Any page that is not speedy deletable but still has serious issues and is not (yet) tagged appropriately.
  • Any page where the title might be subject to revision deletion.

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