Wikipedia:New pages patrol/Reviewers/Redirect autopatrol


A new pseudo-user group is created, and redirects created by users in this "group" be automatically marked as "patrolled" by a bot. Redirects that are turned into articles are automatically added back to the new-pages feed, so this does not create a loophole for the creation of articles without patrolling.


Please see Wikipedia:Redirect to fully understand the purpose and scope of the redirect system and why this is being proposed.

  • This is not a "user group" in the technical sense, but rather a list of users whose redirects should be automatically patrolled
  • Administrators may "add" users to the "group":
    1. their own discretion, akin to granting autopatrolled rights
    2. ...following discussion amongst new page reviewers at Wikipedia talk:New pages patrol/Reviewers (or other designated location) that supports such an addition
  • Administrators may "remove" users from the "group":
    1. their own discretion, akin to revoking autopatrolled rights
    2. the request of the user
    3. the request of the bot operator, who would be responsible for the patrols
    4. ...after discussion amongst new page reviewers at Wikipedia talk:New pages patrol/Reviewers (or other designated location) that suggests that the redirects created by a user may warrant human patrolling
  • Users should have an established track record creating uncontroversial redirects


Some users do not meet the requirements for Wikipedia:Autopatrolled, but have a consistent track record of creating "clean" redirects. By patrolling the redirects (and only the redirects) created by such users automatically, patrollers can dedicate resources elsewhere, focusing primarily on articles.
Prior to the creation of the autopatrol user right, User:JVbot/patrol whitelist was used to control a bot that would automatically patrol articles created by certain users. A similar set up would be used to control User:DannyS712 bot III, which would automatically patrol redirects created by certain users. Redirects that are later converted into articles are added back to the new pages queue (phab:T223828).
Should this proposal be adopted, a new fully protected page, similar to the AutoWikiBrowser Check Page, will be used by administrators to direct the bot to patrol the creation of redirects by specific users. A bot (pending approval by WP:BAG) would then, automatically, marking redirects as patrolled if they were created by a user listed on that page.

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