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Patrolling the "oldest" articles in the NPP Queue has its own sets of questions and procedures that complement standard NPP workflows. In many of these cases some of the initial steps of the workflow can be skipped (e.g. an article entering the queue this way is much less likely to be blank). The initial question to answer when reviewing these articles is, "Why is this page appearing in the queue?" It is important to realize that because of the age of many of these articles when they enter the NPP Queue they are automatically indexed by Google.

If it's been moved from AfC, draftspace, or userspace follow typical NPP procedures

If it's an article formed from a former redirect

  • If the article was accidentally turned into a redirect or vandalized into a redirect and then reverted check for no obvious issues and mark as reviewed.
  • And it's been blank for at least 10 minutes restore the redirect
  • If it's a new disambiguation page
    • Are there at least two non-redlined articles?
If not restore redirect
  • Fix any elements that violate WP:DABNOT
  • Search for topic to ensure no other entries should be added
  • Is there a WP:PRIMARYTOPIC?
If there is move page to Page name (disambiguation)
  • Can then mark as reviewed
  • If it's an article with content follow typical NPP procedures with most likely outcomes going to be marked as reviewed, copying or moving (as appropriate based on page history) to draft space, or restoring redirect.
If copying/moving to draft space, restore the previous redirect
If restoring the redirect make sure the recreated redirect is marked as reviewed

If it's been nominated for deletion

  • If it's been up for RfD, AfD, or MfD make sure it's been appropriately listed there and marked as reviewed
  • If it's a CSD or PROD, only mark as reviewed if you're willing to watchlist and return to patrol if necessary
    • Return to article to perform NPP check if CSD or PROD is declined