Wikipedia:List of companies engaged in the self-publishing business

The following is a list of companies that provide assistance in self-publishing books or engage in vanity publishing. This list is provided to help editors evaluate whether sources published by these companies are reliable for purposes of including content in Wikipedia.

Use this list judiciously, always furthering your own investigation, as a company may have become a mainstream publisher complete with editorial staff or may not be primarily in the self-publishing business. Also, while there are many bestsellers, including some all-time bestsellers, such as Fifty Shades of Grey and The Joy of Cooking, that are or initially were self-published, editors should exercise caution when using books from self-published firms and should always follow the specific exception criteria described at WP:SPS or WP:ABOUTSELF; see also WP:USESPS.

This list is not a complete list of companies currently engaged in the self-publishing business. If you know of a self-publishing company that is not on the list, please add it. Conversely, if you know that a company on this list is not primarily a self-publishing company, please remove it. Publishers do not have to be notable to be listed here; those that are notable should also be included in the article List of self-publishing companies.

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  • Vantage Press
  • VDM Publishing, also known as:
    • Acu Publishing
    • Alphascript Publishing
    • Anim Publishing
    • Aud Publishing
    • Bellum Publishing
    • Betascript Publishing
    • Brev Publishing
    • Cede Publishing
    • Ceed Publishing
    • Cel Publishing
    • Chromo Publishing
    • Chrono Press
    • Civ
    • Claud Press
    • Commun
    • Cred Press
    • Crypt Publishing
    • Culp Press
    • Dicho
    • Dic Press
    • Dict
    • Dictus Publishing
    • Dign Press
    • Doyen Verlag
    • Duc
    • Duct Publishing
    • Equ Press
    • FastBook Publishing
    • Fec Publishing
    • Fer Publishing
    • Fidel
    • Flu Press
    • Frac Press
    • Fromm Verlag
    • Ject Press
    • JUNCT
    • JustFiction!
    • Lambert Academic Publishing
    • Lect Publishing
    • Loc Publishing
    • Log Press
    • Miss Press
    • Omniscriptum
    • Onym Press
    • Ord Publishing
    • Part Press
    • Patho Publishing
    • Phon
    • PlacPublishing
    • PlaisPublishing
    • PlicPress
    • Plor
    • Polic
    • PopulPublishing
    • PsychoPublishing
    • Rupt
    • SaluPress
    • Salv
    • Secut Press
    • Sent Publishing
    • Serv
    • Sess Press
    • Solv
    • Soph Press
    • SpellPress
    • Spir
    • StaPress
    • String Publishing
    • StruPress
    • Tempor
    • The
    • Tort
    • Tract
    • TurbsPublishing
    • Türkiye Alim Kitapları (Turkish)
    • TypPRESS
    • UtilPublishing
    • VadPress
    • VDM Verlag
    • Vent
    • Verlag Dr Müller
    • VerPublishing
    • VertPress
    • VolutPress
    • VolvPress
  • Victory Graphics and Media
  • Virtual Bookworm
  • vertex ghost writing
  • Virsaay

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  • Yudu Media

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