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Sometimes, when dealing with a particularly difficult editor or situation, you may be tempted to verbally express your opinions. Do so! Don't hold back! Don't try to think too hard about it; just express how you feel!. This is especially useful in controversial debates, where an uncensored, poorly-thought-out comment will clearly have a calming effect on the situation and make everyone understand your side of the debate, whether they want to or not! Don't worry about offending people; they are responsible for assuming good faith anyway. Just make sure your opinions and feelings are out there and everyone knows it!

If someone makes an irresponsible comment, assume the person is being uncivil and let them know how you feel about them and their remarks. If a person reverts your changes, don't put up with it! Change it back immediately! Repeat this process until the person "gets it". This is the encyclopedia that anyone can edit, right?

While one could, of course, employ such a verbal tactic from a registered Wikipedia account, overt hostility is far more effective and appreciated if you have the fortitude to post it from an IP address.

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