It is fine for this medieval bowman to be aiming his arrow at the wickedness of the world--but this is not the goal of Wikipedia.

Editors when debating what should or should not be included in articles often base their arguments on Duty, Safety, or Doing the Right Thing. These debates most often occur on current events.

These arguments are based on emotion, a sense of duty, and a false sense of what Wikipedia is for.

Wikipedia's only Duty is to build a great encyclopedia.

Wikipedia is not a platform for undertaking causes. no wiki-crusades
Wikipedia is not an agent of social change. no wiki-change
Wikipedia is not a forum for free speech. no wiki-forum
Wikipedia is not here to save the whales. no wiki-save
Wikipedia is not here to do "The Right Thing". no wiki-right
Wikipedia is not here to free Tibet. no wiki-free
Wikipedia is not here to hug trees, pet puppies, or kiss babies. no wiki-love
Wikipedia is not here to keep people from doing stupid stupid things. no wiki-dumb
Wikipedia is not here to sing the praises of a religion or any religious figures. no wiki-praise
Wikipedia is not here to deify Barack Obama, Ron Paul or Stephen Colbert. no wiki-fluff
Wikipedia is not here to campaign for candidates, laws, or issues. no wiki-campaigns
Wikipedia is not a tool to crush ignorance or make people think right no wiki-ganda
Wikipedia is not a substitute for common sense. no wiki-duh

Wikipedia is only here to build a great encyclopedia, present well sourced reliable information in a concise NPOV manner, and let the world take it from there.