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Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion/Overturned speedy deletions

This page catalogs a list of known speedy deletions that were subsequently overturned, organized by criterion. The deleting admins are not named here because the focus is on informing policy discussion and learning about common mistakes, not blaming users for their mistakes. This information is gathered from Wikipedia:Deletion review and deletion logs.

Currently this covers DRVs between 16 August 2008 and 18 January 2009. There are also some articles listed here that never went to DRV, and were restored either by another admin or by the original admin after they changed their mind - I've gone from 20:29, 14 January 2009 to 12:05, 16 January 2009 for these. Each section is sorted in reverse order by the date of its DRV discussion, or if it has none, by the date at which the article was most recently restored. Feel free to add your own overturned speedy deletions if they're not listed here.

In order to make this page more useful, it excludes some benign types of overturned speedy deletions. These include:

  • Cases where the page was tagged for speedy deletion but declined and never deleted.
  • Cases where the admin undid their own deletion within a few minutes, after reconsidering it.
  • Cases where the article was only restored (or allowed to be recreated) after being rewritten to address the problems raised by the speedy deletion.

Despite these exceptions, not all of these represent incorrect deletions; in some cases they represent deletions that were valid, but were undone for some other reason, such as if the deletion warranted further discussion. These are important to retain because they may point to overbroad criteria.


G1 - Patent nonsenseEdit

G2 - Test pagesEdit

G3 - Pure vandalismEdit

G4 - Recreation of deleted materialEdit

G5 - Created by banned userEdit

G6 - HousekeepingEdit

G7 - Author requests deletionEdit

G8 - Pages dependent on missing pagesEdit

G9 - Office actionsEdit

G10 - Attack pagesEdit

G11 - Blatant advertisingEdit

G12 - Copyright infringementEdit


A1 - No contextEdit

A2 - Foreign languageEdit

A3 - No contentEdit

A5 - Transwikied articlesEdit

A7 - No assertion of significanceEdit

A9 - Musical recording of artist with no articleEdit


R2 - Redirects to other namespacesEdit

R3 - Implausible typosEdit


F1 - RedundantEdit

F2 - Corrupt or empty imageEdit

F3 - Improper licenseEdit

F4 - No license informationEdit

F5 - Unused non-free imageEdit

F6 - No free use rationaleEdit

F7 - Invalid fair-use claimEdit

F8 - Available on CommonsEdit

F9 - Blatant copyright infringementEdit

F10 - Useless media filesEdit

F11 - No evidence of permissionEdit


C1 - Unpopulated categoriesEdit

C2 - Speedy renamingEdit

User pagesEdit

U1 - User requestEdit

U2 - Nonexistent userEdit

U3 - Non-free galleriesEdit


T2 - Misrepresentation of policyEdit

T3 - Redundant templateEdit


P1 - Deletable as an articleEdit

P2 - UnderpopulatedEdit

Out of processEdit