Wikipedia:Competence is acquired

People learn at different rates. Moreover, some people throw themselves into the midst of the fray that is Wikipedia, and have to learn in several areas at once, for example:

  1. Social skills or netiquette or both
  2. Standard practice
  3. English language skills
  4. Manual of style
  5. Subject matter
  6. Wiki-markup
  7. Wikipedia policy and guidelines.

In a moral sense, it is not necessarily wrong for newbies to assume initially that:

  • Disputants are taking it personally
  • They are right and the editor or editors disagreeing with them are wrong
  • They are meeting with WP:OWN behaviour
  • When several editors take the same stance against them they are socks

Indeed while it is unlikely, all of these things have happened (especially the WP:OWN behaviour, where some WikiProjects in the past have been very active).

Therefore, take note, once the initial "hump" is passed, is the editor amenable to suggestion, to changing the way they do things and to resolving difficulties. If so, WP:CIR probably does not apply. Additionally, implicitly calling an editor incompetent is uncivil.