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Wiggles World is a themed land at the Dreamworld amusement park on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.[1] On 17 September 2005, the area opened replacing the previous Gum Tree Gully section.[2] Based on the musicians of the same name, the area was the first of several to be installed at theme parks around the world;[3] it is also currently the only one, following the closure of the area at various Six Flags parks.

Wiggles World
Wiggles World side entrance sign (Dreamworld).jpg
The entrance to Wiggles World from Tiger Island and the Tower of Terror.
ThemeThe Wiggles
Other rides3
Coordinates27°51′50″S 153°19′04″E / 27.863759°S 153.317792°E / -27.863759; 153.317792Coordinates: 27°51′50″S 153°19′04″E / 27.863759°S 153.317792°E / -27.863759; 153.317792
Opened17 September 2005
ReplacedGum Tree Gully



During July 2005, Gum Tree Gully was closed to aid in the construction of Dreamworld's second children's area, Wiggles World. Only a narrow corridor remained for pedestrian access during the construction period.[4] On 17 September 2005 Wiggles World officially opened to the public with a performance by The Wiggles.[2][5] On the first anniversary of the opening of the area, Dreamworld added Dorothy's Rosy Tea Cup Ride.[6]

On 12 December 2006, American-based amusement park operator Six Flags released plans to partner up with The Wiggles to add Wiggles Worlds to some of their parks.[7] In 2007, Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Great America, and Six Flags New England all opened a Wiggles World at their park.[8][9] This was followed by Great Escape in 2008 and Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 2009.[10][11] In late 2010, Six Flags terminated licenses with various brands including The Wiggles. This saw the areas changed to more generic themes such as KIDZOPOLIS and Safari Kids.[12][13]

In mid-2012, Dreamworld announced that they would be adding a new ride to Wiggles World. It was later revealed to be the Big Red Boat Ride.[14] The ride was officially opened on 14 December 2012 with 7 members of The Wiggles in attendance.[15]

By 2015, it has been incarnated into ABC Kids World which has additional children's Australian TV series such as Giggle and Hoot, Play School, and Bananas in Pyjamas.


The entrance to the Big Red Car Ride.

Big Red Car RideEdit

The Big Red Car Ride is a dark ride that takes 6 guests at a time on a 120-metre (390 ft) car journey through the Wiggles' house. The house features Wag's Kennel, Henry's Underwater Big Band, and Dorothy's rosy garden. The attraction opened with Wiggles World on 17 September 2005.[16][17]

The attraction was developed by two New Zealand-based firms who have previously worked for Walt Disney Imagineering prototyping autonomous vehicles.[18] Arvus Group oversaw the project and subcontracted the manufacturing of the trackless ride system to Simtech, a now-defunct manufacturer.[16][18][19] The trackless ride system relies upon a wire buried in the floor and allows the cars to rotate on the spot, something many track-based dark rides cannot do.[20] The five vehicles are recharged at the station through an inductive charging system.[18][21][22]

Dorothy's Rosy Tea Cup RideEdit

Exactly one year after Wiggles World opened which is September 17, 2006, the area was expanded to include Dorothy's Rosy Tea Cup Ride. As the name suggests this ride is a tea cup ride. It features six separate cups for guests to board and spin as they wish.[6][23]

Big Red Boat RideEdit

In 2012, Big Red Boat Ride was added to Wiggles World. This is a Zamperla Rockin' Tug amusement ride.[14] The ride consists of a boat following a U-shaped track whilst slowly spinning. It is similar in concept to the Shockwave but provides a gentler ride experience.

Fun SpotEdit

The Fun Spot is an activity centre featuring various interactive elements designed for children. The indoor attraction also features play kitchens, a mini supermarket, playhouses and a dress-up chest.[24]

SS FeatherswordEdit

The SS Feathersword is an interactive attraction situated alongside the Murrissipi River in Dreamworld. The attraction is a façade pirate ship which is used as a children's playground.[25]

Shopping and diningEdit

Wiggles World is also home to a merchandise shop and a dining outlet. Guests can purchase a variety of Wiggles merchandise items from The Wiggles Shop, while they can top up on food at the Yummy Yummy Food Outlet.[26]

Character appearancesEdit

Wiggles World gives guests the chance to meet the Wiggles' friends. Guests can have their photo taken with Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Captain Feathersword.[27] From time to time, The Wiggles make appearances and performances at the park to advertise the area.[28]



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