Wiener Neustadt Island

Wiener Neustadt Island (Russian: Остров Винер-Нёйштадт, Ostrov Viner-Neyshtadt,[1] also Остров Винер-Нойштадт, Ostrov Viner-Noyshtadt)[2] is an island in Franz Josef Land, Russian Federation.

Wiener Neustadt Island
остров Винер-Нойштадт
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View of Wiener Neustadt Island
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Location of Wiener Neustadt Island in Franz Josef Land
Coordinates80°48′N 58°20′E / 80.800°N 58.333°E / 80.800; 58.333Coordinates: 80°48′N 58°20′E / 80.800°N 58.333°E / 80.800; 58.333
ArchipelagoFranz Josef Archipelago
Area237 km2 (92 sq mi)
Length22 km (13.7 mi)
Width16 km (9.9 mi)
Highest elevation620 m (2030 ft)
Highest pointPeak Parnass


This island was named after Wiener Neustadt, a town located south of Vienna, by the Payer-Weyprecht Austro-Hungarian Arctic expedition.[3]


Wiener Neustadt Island is part of the Zichy Land subgroup of the Franz Josef Archipelago. It is separated from Ziegler Island and Salisbury Island by the narrow Collinson Sound (Proliv Kollinsona).

Wiener Neustadt Island's area is 237 km² and it is almost completely glacierized. The highest point of this island, Peak Parnass, is 620 m, the highest in Franz Josef Land.[4]

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