Wiener (magazine)

Wiener is a German language monthly men's magazine published in Vienna, Austria. It has been in circulation since 1979

Wiener Logo.svg
Wiener Logo
Editor-in-ChiefWolfgang Wieser
CategoriesMen's magazine
PublisherWiener Verlags
FounderMarkus Peichl
Michael Hopp
First issue1 November 1979; 43 years ago (1979-11-01)
CompanyJosel & Sauer GmbH
Based inVienna

History and profileEdit

Wiener was established in 1979.[1] Markus Peichl and Michael Hopp were the founders of the magazine.[2] The founding art director of the magazine was Lo Breier.[2] The first issue was published in November 1979.[3]

Initially Wiener carried articles on Vienna and its cultural scene.[2] Later it changed its scope and became a men's fashion and lifestyle magazine.[4] The magazine which is published monthly 11 times per year features interviews and articles about celebrities and trends.[5][6] Its owner is Styria Multi Media company.[7][5] The publisher is Wiener Verlags[8] led by Peter Mosser.[9]

Gerd Leitgeb was the editor of Wiener.[10] Peter Moser served as the editor-in-chief of the magazine until July 2006 when Alexander Macheck succeeded him in the post.[11] As of 2015 its editor-in-chief was Wolfgang Wieser.[7]


The 1985 circulation of Wiener was 118,000 copies.[3] Its circulation was 45,000 copies in 2007[12] and 47,500 copies in 2010.[8] The magazine had a circulation of 43,820 copies between January and June 2014.[7]


Kurt Waldheim sued both Wiener and Stern in 1987 for publishing articles about his Nazi activities in Yugoslavia.[13] In the September 2010 issue of Wiener, nude photos of ballerina Karina Sarkissova were published.[4] Following the publication Sarkissova was fired from the ballet company of the Vienna State Opera in October 2010.[4]

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