Who Killed Jane Doe?

Who Killed Jane Doe? (formerly known as The Jane Doe Diaries) was an American true-crime documentary series featuring cases of formerly unidentified women and the investigation process of finding their killers.[1] The episodes also detail the circumstances of each subject's disappearance and life before she lost contact with family members, and lead up to the connection or match between the missing individual and the unidentified remains. The program was cancelled in 2018.[2]

Who Killed Jane Doe
Also known asThe Jane Doe Diaries
Narrated byKevin Conway
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes12
Original networkInvestigation Discovery
Original release2017 –
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Each season consisted of six episodes, each documenting one Jane Doe case.

Season oneEdit

Episode Case Air date Summary
"Scarlett Doe" Margaret "Margie" Calciano February 21, 2017 In 1984, an attractive red-haired woman is discovered in Pennsylvania. The mother of Margie Calciano fears for the safety of her daughter when she vanishes after the pair have a fight.[3]
"Girl Gone West" Brenda Gerow February 28, 2017 In 1980, 20-year-old Brenda Gerow leaves her family to travel to Arizona with boyfriend John "Jack" Kalhauser. She later calls her brother to announce plans to return, yet she never does. Meanwhile, a young woman's body is recovered in Pima County, Arizona in early April 1981. Authorities are stumped, as the victim, killed by ligature strangulation, could have come from anywhere.[4]
"The Lady in the Woods Cynthia "Cindy" Vanderbeek March 7, 2017 In May 1995, a woman's body is found hidden in the bush off of a roadway in Pennsylvania, wearing a unique t-shirt. Meanwhile, Cindy Vanderbeek's relatives become suspicious when she fails to visit them and is absent from her godson's baptism.[5]
"The Girl in the Gulf" Amy Hurst March 14, 2017 A decomposed body is discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. She is wrapped in a comforter and is completely unrecognizable. Amy Hurst's family, including her children, wonder what happened after she left their home to live with her husband in Florida.[6]
"Her Wispering Bones" Pamela "Pam" Knight March 21, 2017 The skeletal remains of a woman are found in a wooded area. Pam Knight's three sons wake up one morning in 2005 to realize that their mother has abandoned them when she should have been present for one of the brothers' birthday.[7]
"Runaway Jane" Michelle Busha April 4, 2017 In 1980, a decomposed body of a young woman is discovered, brutally murdered, in Blue Earth, Minnesota. Michelle Busha's father hopes to hear from his 18-year-old daughter after she leaves his residence after he confronts her over her rebellious behavior.[8]

Season twoEdit

Episode Case Air date Summary
"The Tent Girl" Barbara Taylor January 23, 2018 A woman's remains are discovered wrapped in canvas in May 1968. Todd Matthews, later co-founding The Doe Network, is fascinated with the tale of his wife's father discovering the remains of the unidentified female and won't rest until it's solved.[9]
"A Girl Has No Name" Jovita "Vita" Collazo January 30, 2018 A skeleton is found in Apple Valley, California in 1994 with little clues to her identity. Vita Collazo's estranged husband travels to California to reconcile with his wife and daughter, Michelle. Vita disappears and Michelle is forced to hide a deep secret about her mother's new boyfriend.[10]
"The Doe in the Desert" Danna Dever February 6, 2018 A badly decomposed body of a woman is found in California in 1996. Danna Dever vanishes from her residence before she is due to testify against her abusive common-law husband.[11]
"The Doe in the Woods" Martha Jane Wever February 13, 2018 The scattered remains of a middle-aged woman are found in a wooded area in Florida, her skull bearing the marks of gunfire. Former neighbors of Martha Jane fear the worst when their friend doesn't show up for a planned visit after moving to Kentucky with a childhood friend who later became a significant other. [12]
"The Disappearing Doe" Deanna Criswell February 20, 2018 In 1987, a transient girl's body is found under a culvert in Pima County, Arizona. Deanna, a chronic runaway, loses contact with her sister after taking a bus to Arizona to meet her much older boyfriend, Bill Knight.[13]
"Daughter, Sister, Diamond, Doe" Nanda Gutierrez February 27, 2018 A woman's remains are found at the roadside in Oklahoma. A mother searches for clues after her daughter leaves the home of her shady boyfriend, who gives little clues to her whereabouts.[14]

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