Whisper with the Wind

Whisper With the Wind (Persian: زمزمه با باد), is a 2009 Iranian drama film directed by Shahram Alidi in his first film.[1]

Whisper With the Wind
Directed byShahram Alidi
Screenplay byShahram Alidi
Produced byShahram Alidi
  • Omar Chawshin
  • Maryam Boubani
  • Fakhr Mohammad Barzani
  • Valid Marouf Jarou
  • Mohara, Hossein Ghadr
  • Bistoun Ali Ghadr
Edited byHayedeh Safiyari
Release date
  • 2009 (2009)
Running time
77 minutes


In the years of military asphyxia in dictatorial regime of Saddam, in a very bad situation that everything was under the regime's control, people find any available way to keep in touch together. An old man is the post-man in a wide area of Kurdistan Iraq. His job is to deliver people's messages but not written one, but oral messages. He is an oral post-man and records and sells the messages of the folk and gets income in this way.




  • Cannes International Film Festival- France- Critic Weeks Section- 2009- Competitor for Golden Camera- Three Prizes:
    • The Best Feature Film's ACID support
    • Prize of View of Youth
    • Prize of Young European Critics
  • Mumbai International Film Festival- Prize of Mumbai Young Critics Award- India- 2009
  • Amazon Film Festival- Special Jury Award- Brazil- 2009
  • Pessac International Historic Film Festival- Prize of Academic Jury- France- 2009
  • Student Academy Awards of Bratislava- Bratislava Film festival- Slovak- 2009


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