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Whirlpool (1959 film)

Whirlpool is a 1959 British crime film directed by Lewis Allen and starring Juliette Gréco and O. W. Fischer.[1] The score from Ron Goodwin established him as a film composer.[2]

Directed byLewis Allen
StarringJuliette Gréco
O. W. Fischer
Music byRon Goodwin
Release date
  • 11 September 1959 (1959-09-11)
Running time
1h 35min
CountryUnited Kingdom

Plot summaryEdit

A beautiful girl Lora (Juliette Gréco) asks Rolph (O. W. Fischer) if she can travel on his barge down the Rhine. Rolph agrees to this and helps her to escape the clutches of murderer Herman (William Sylvester), who is obsessed with Lora. The local police approach Rolph and ask him to work together with them to lure Herman on board the barge using Lora as bait. Herman manages to hide on board and then takes control of Rolph's barge using a gun he has. Rolph and Lora manage to overpower Herman and throw him overboard where he is dragged under the barge into one of the side paddles where he is killed. Lora is a cynical person, believing that no one would ever do anything to help her out of just friendship due to the hard life she has had. At the end of the film, Lora leaves with the police, while Rolph asks her to return to him one day to live with him on his barge on the European rivers.



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