Wheal Maid

Wheal Maid (also Wheal Maiden) is a former mine in the Camborne-Redruth-St Day Mining District, 1.5km east of St Day.[5]

Wheal Maid
Wheal Maid.jpg
Remains of Wheal Maid
Wheal Maid is located in Cornwall
Wheal Maid
Wheal Maid
Location in Cornwall
Coordinates50°14′16″N 5°09′55″W / 50.23778°N 5.16528°W / 50.23778; -5.16528Coordinates: 50°14′16″N 5°09′55″W / 50.23778°N 5.16528°W / 50.23778; -5.16528
ProductsMainly copper,[1] also tin and arsenic
CompanyCarnon Enterprises (pre-2002)
Gwennap Parish Council (since 2002)

Between 1800 and 1840, profits are said to have been up to £200,000.[6] In 1852, the mine was almalgamated with Poldice Mine and Carharrack Mine and worked as St Day United mine.[7] Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the mine site was turned into large lagoons and used as a tip for two other nearby mines: Mount Wellington and Wheal Jane.[3][8][9]

The site was bought from Carnon Enterprises by Gwennap District Council for a price of £1 in 2002.[10] An investigation by the Environment Agency that concluded in 2007 found that soil near the mine had high levels of arsenic, copper and zinc contamination and by 2012, it was deemed too hazardous for human activity.[8][11]

The mine gains attention during dry spells when the lagoons dry up and leaving brightly coloured stains on the pit banks and bed.[12][13][14]

2014 murderEdit

In 2014, a 72-year-old man from Falmouth died at the site after what was initially thought to be a cycling accident.[4][15] It was later found that the man had been murdered.[16] A 34-year-old was found guilty and sentenced to life and to serve at least 28 years[17]


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